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  • El Guapo - A scrappy vacuum cleaner with good customer service.I had to wait to write this review based on the fact that I purchased the Europro Shark Navigator about a month ago and had some problems. Out of the box it's really quite simple to piece together this vacuum, for it is mostly assembled once you get it. Once I assembled the cleaner I decided to vacuum the room next door... as I told the customer sales representative.. I don't have any pets, but I do have a sister.. Equation: Me + Europro / carpet + human hair = Woolah! The Europro was amazing! Most vacuum cleaners I would probably have to make several passes.. but with the Euro pro one was pretty much done. It was in a small area so it didn't take me that long.. less than 5 min..

    Then I smelt a burning kind of smell turned off the vacuum and the brush was stuck with hair.. I immediately went to the owner's manual and followed the instructions to fix the jam. Took a pair of scissors and cut all the hair out. I turned on the vacuum to see if everything was okay and it was fine... however I noticed an extreme amount of heat radiating from the vent and was concerned. I decided to call customer service to find out if this was normal and if I should be worried. BY THE WAY YOU SHOULD REGISTER YOUR SHARK NAVIGATOR AS SOON AS YOU GET IT. You won't get any help unless you are in the system(my experience). My first call I got someone from Canada who was friendly and directed me to wait to turn back on the vacuum cleaner to let it cool down. I had other things to do so I left the europro alone for about a week. Turning on the Europro after a week.. I noticed it was still really hot through the vent within less than a minute. I called customer support again and got someone different not from Canada, but just as helpful. I told her what happened and then we went through a quick troubleshooting process.. in the end it was deemed that my vacuum cleaner would be best for spare parts and they decided to send me a new Europro Shark navigator free of charge and I didn't have to send back the old one.

    I am quite pleased with the response from customer service. In the end I have a vacuum cleaner that cleans awesome and is perfect for my small home.
  • Rita Reader "Lea" - One awesome pad for your little one to get started on!I got this for my little Grandbaby of my heart. He loves it! His brother just got an Iphone so now this kind of evens things out. He is crazy about Monsters Inc and the University, so he is very happy with all of the Disney aspects of it. The great things are that he can personalize it and it comes with a card where he can download some games. Now, his Mom did mention she wished the eBooks were not so expensive as the hardback book, and with children's books especially you can see her point, but that was her only beef. That is a whole other story as many publishers are learning hopefully that is not the way to go. The cost of the books was the only reason this did not get a five star in that area too. This is very educational and for once Mom does feel like he is at least learning something when he uses it. And anytime you can sneak learning in on kids the fun way, everybody wins. The cover makes it very durable and not vulnerable to breakage which, lets face it comes part and partial to nine year old boys. I would highly recommend this Leapad2 to any parent. Tech stuff is here to stay and this is an ideal beginner tablet for little ones.
  • John Kwok - The Best Historical Novel of the Year from Booker Prize-winning Novelist Hilary MantelRecognized by none other than Time magazine literary critic Lev Grossman as one of the finest novels published this year, Hilary Mantel's "Bring Up the Bodies" is a compelling tour-de-force of a political thriller set in Henry VIII's Tudor Dynasty England, describing in vivid detail, the still mysterious circumstances leading towards the sudden downfall and execution of Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn; their daughter would become Elizabeth I, the "Virgin Queen", admired by the likes of Sir Walter Raleigh and William Shakespeare. Mantel's latest is that rare breed of historical novel and political thriller, replete with the dazzling, lyrical prose and a most riveting plot that earned the Man Booker Prize for its predecessor, "Wolf Hall". Like its illustrious predecessor, "Bring Up the Bodies" is a riveting character study of Henry VIII's Secretary to the King and Lord Chancellor, Thomas Cromwell, newly appointed head of the Church of England, mere months after the executions of Bishop of Rochester John Fisher and Lord Chancellor Thomas More. In a literary style as compelling as any of John Le Carre's Cold War thrillers, Mantel transforms Cromwell into her George Smiley, compelled to make political alliances with the very enemies he has despised for years, merely to do his King's bidding; he is dealt with the difficult and unenviable tasks of removing the brilliant, sharp-tongued, Anne Boleyn from her throne and terminating the Boleyn family's newly risen prestige and influence at the Court, which have occurred at the expense of the "Old Families" with their valid claims to Henry's throne, and other major figures of English nobility. Like George Smiley, Cromwell has become so exasperated and weary of the Tudor Dynasty's court intrigues, that he advises his son to stay clear of it, offering him opportunities to miss the executions of Anne Boleyn and her closest male friends, falsely accused of treason against King Henry himself. With "Bring Up the Bodies", Mantel demonstrates anew that she is one of the finest historical novelists writing in the English language, a notable prose stylist, and a most compelling spinner of tales. "Bring Up the Bodies" seems destined to become a candidate for the next Man Booker Prize as well as other notable literary honors on both sides of the Atlantic; there are relatively few contemporary English language writers who could match her superb gifts for storytelling and writing prose.
  • citizen fact checker - Absolutely wonderful product.I ordered and received TWO of these great "Can-Guns" because I knew my son would want one as well. They arrived safely in a bubblewrap-reinforced, tan envelop. BUT LET ME WARN YOU to be sure you check the contents of the envelope before you discard it thinking it is empty. I gave the inside of the supposedly-empty envelope a second look, for no good reason except out of habit, and I saw one of the circular red caps, by itself, in the bottom of the envelope! Apparently, during transit, the cap fell off of one of the Can-Guns, and I almost missed fiinding it. It might be a good idea for the maker to stick a strip of tape onto the cap to hold it in place and remind the customer to pull the tape off before usng the Can-Gun.

    I have a number of uses for these Can-Guns: I use spray cans of frosted paint to coat the small panes in the windows of my back doors so that no one can peer through them to see into the house. I also spray mirror-glass paint into vases to make them look like old-fashioned mercury glass. And to do so, in both cases, takes several light coats of the spray paint to produce an attractive outcome. Normally, without the use of a Can-Gun, my "trigger" finger becomes numb from applying so much pressure to it. We also have some non-painted, bi-fold louvered doors to some of the rooms in our house, and we will soon be spray painting them white to match the other woodwork in the house. Until I purchased these Can-Guns I was dreading the effort to spray paint them. As we all know, spray painting with spray cans, when done properly, takes a lot of time and, until now, painful effort.

    I'm even looking forward to some of the other paint projects that await me. For example, I have a four-piece wicker set that was white when I first bought it, but I had a local automotive spray painting company spray it dark green, actually Volvo green. And now it needs to be retouched in places with a dark green spray paint, and I intend to use the Can-Gun to spare my wrist and trigger finger.

    I highly recommend this product, and I noticed that it is not only made in the USA, but also uses recycled plastic!