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  • Kometarc - Good News / Bad NewsOK, so first the bad news. This cable has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Apparently the cables were sucking the life force out of their creators err the... builders.

    Now the Good news. There is a way to get the cable! Because the cables have the ability to reproduce. All you need is to find 2 owners that have unrelated cables. (Please don't ask what happens when related cables reproduce. Not a pretty sight) Next you need to verify that one is male - easy to find - and one female (good luck, but they are out there). You will need to introduce them together in a deserted area - preferable a lead or copper mine. The reason for this is once the cables reproduce there will be a small thermonuclear explosion 75 to 100 Megatons. Don't worry about the mess as you can shovel the debris onto the Time/Space rift continuum that you created. Also, you will usually get several cables from the deal. You can use that to pay the expenses along the way.

    Good luck and happy audiophiling.
  • Caraleisa - Good, solid information on bipolar disorderThe 'for Dummies' series are often quite good, despite the name, and this book is no exception. It gives a very good overview of what bipolar is, and offers a lot of suggestions on how to deal with it for both the bipolar person and his/her family and friends. It goes into the medications used, and the pros and cons of each of them. The authors obviously know the topic well, and write about it clearly and definitively. In addition to a comprehensive description of what bipolar is, how it manifests, and how it's treated, the book discusses alternative therapies that have been used, and goes into problems associated with specific populations such as women, older folks, and teens. It has an excellent section on 'survival skills'- the psychotherapies involved as well as things a bipolar person can do to prevent crisis episodes, to reduce conflict, and ways in which the people involved can have fun together. Cultivating healthy relationships, eating a healthy diet, exercise options, all are covered. How to become less confrontational, and how to validate other's feelings are just a few of the many areas this excellent book covers. I recommend it heartily for anyone who is bipolar, lives with or is friends with someone who is bipolar, or people who are interested in psychology.
  • Smokey888x2 - AwokeMe ... the book blasted off the pages to meIf your not Catholic, understand that Medjugorje is church neutral. The Catholic Church neither denies it or affirms it. I'm Catholic and I had read many of those words from Medjugorje over the years. While I admired the story, I probably believed the story as I had followed Fatima when I was younger; but I had read many of the Medjugorje announcements and they had just gone over my head or they didn't mean much. I just never knew what to think about it. Then I read the first 30 or so pages of TFtFS2012 - WOW. Those words of Mary arose from the dead and covered me with their truths. It was both revealing and scary too. What a well written book.

    Please, if you haven't yet, get this book. You will want many of your friends to have it as well.

    That's just the first 30 pages. Oh, I almost forgot; if you have never heard of Medjugorje or don't know a lot about it. Go ahead and order the book (DO!) but while it's coming to you, go and read some of the messages from Medjugorje prior to reading book. Maybe you know a Catholic priest or person who could help you get some insight to it first. Just reading some of the messages and history would help a bit. Understand, I believe Rwanda(sp?) was noted from Medjugorje before it happened. But read some of them from the internet prior to reading this book if you can.

    This book is not all spiritual, much of it addresses 'today' and our political world and most of all, country. This book affects YOU, addresses YOU, your family and your children in a profound way, in a 'real way' .... not just some book about hope and change but ties in the gift of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and YOUR everyday experience. Especially, in the very near future. It's not an opinion book either, it supplies the facts. This book is very important, you will not want to put it down. Please do what I suggest here. I have only commented on one other book here in my life and this one is very important. Please trust me, get this book, look up some of those messages/history and move on this for it's great understanding and insight. Thanks.