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  • Livvy - So much more fun than exercising at home without the game!

    I bought this after seeing my brothers play as Rancors in the Star Wars game for the connect. I originally thought of getting a Zumba game, but wanted something more than just dance. I love this game! It has dance classes to satisfy my desire for dance, but also has workouts for arms, core, back, legs, and glutes. It also has things like Run the World, which I really enjoyed, jump rope (kind of like Guitar Hero with your feet), and wall break. I really enjoy wall break!

    The game scans you and it uses your actual self (albeit a slightly cartoonish and very shiny version of yourself) as your character for game play. This is both really neat and also good motivation. *wink* I love the controls. One thing that gets old with the Kinect is holding your hand over an option and waiting for it to resolve. With this game, you punch or press the options/buttons, so you don't have to wait for the game to realize you do actually want that option.

    In the options, you can select metric or imperial for your measurements. You can also go into your profile and set your height, weight, age, and gender. I don't know if the calorie count is accurate, but my main goal for the game is not burning calories as much as it is to get in better shape and have fun while I do it. As long as I'm seeing results (weight loss, increased endurance, toning, etc) I don't care how many calories I've burned.

    If I have one complaint about this game, it's that it's very addicting.

  • MrsA - IT WORKED

    We've been trying for 15months for baby #2 to no avail; two rounds of Clomid didn't help either. I've known abt Fertilaid for a while now so I finally decided to give it a try- am very regular with my periods.
    I calculated my fertile days and started taking fertilaid one week before that and YEP it worked. I couldn't believe it when I got a ++ on two tests. I didn't finish the whole bottle.
    Please give it a try, it really works and it's ALL NATURAL.

  • Diane G. - Tag Away Really Does Work

    I had only 1 skin tag but it was rather big and ugly, luckily it was on my side close to my waist so my clothes hid it. Anyway, my husband tied a piece of floss on it first but the floss began to dig into my skin, so I bought Tag Away at Walgreens for $14.99, I figured I am only out that much if it didn't work. I will admit that I was skeptical especially since it seemed to take awhile to work. The bottle states 3 - 8 weeks and I figured my tag would take the 8 weeks. It only took 5 1/2 weeks, and honestly I didn't think it was doing anything but making it worse because my tag got swollen and red for most of the time, I had to wear a bandaid on it because when my clothes rubbed it, it hurt. I think the Tag Away did irritate my skin because I experienced some itching and a minor sharp pain, like being pricked with a pin, but the pain didn't last long. In the fifth week, all of a sudden my tag turned black and dried up, then fell off, I didn't even realize it had fallen off until I went to put more Tag Away on. Yes, there is a smell but that was not a big deal to me. I am extremely happy with this product and very glad it worked!

  • master ueshiba "mctexas" - oh smolly golly it works

    At first, I was a little skeptical of this product, due to the fact that there were many contradicting viewer photos, but now I know why. All of them are of different parts of the product. It is only offered in a 10-15 pack because there are multiple items required for use. When using all of them, they are fantastic. They are super tough! I accidentally dropped my 8 month old son onto one, then dropped another(30 or so pound tester) on him, and they both still function well. The latter of the two does leak a smelly green-ish yellow fluid, but only after vigorous use. Overall, I am very pleased with my Parent-child tester procuct. I would highly advise buying 5-6 of the 10-15 packs for gifts or if you drop an extremely obese child on one.

  • Lizz A. Belle "lizzabelle, English major nerd" - A must read for any Jim Henson fan

    If you love Muppets, Sesame Street and/or just want to get into the creative genius that was Jim Henson, this is a wonderfully thorough and beautifully written biography paying tribute to one of the most creative minds of the 20th century. I highly recommend it for anyone who wondered about the tall, bearded man who brought us Kermit the Frog, the Dark Crystal and most of the cast of Sesame Street.

    I don't normally read biographies but this is one I knew I could not pass up. While the book is quite lengthy and does take time to get to the initial creation of what we know today as the Muppets, Henson's life is fascinating in that he never wanted to actually be a puppeteer, he sort of stumbled on to it and resisted it for so long because he did not want to be labeled "a children's puppeteer." Instead, he pioneered that form of entertainment by moving beyond marionettes and wooden puppets with flat expressions, creating the Muppets from anything he had lying around (Kermit was originally a blue housecoat his mother owned). The Muppets were unlike other puppets because they were so lifelike including having facial expressions and eye movements never seen before.

    Henson's trip to stardom never went to his head and he continued to do many of the pieces he accomplished because he enjoyed them (see the section on commercials the Muppets made).

    The BEST part of this bio in my opinion is seeing the evolution of your favorite characters. Cookie Monster and Grover were both background monsters who were repurposed to become our beloved Sesame Street characters they are now. Gonzo used to be a hooked nosed monster living in a cigar box named Snarl. These are just a few examples of the treasures to be found in this bio.

    I share the view of many that we lost Jim Henson tragically early. It is so sad that we did not get to see what else he had in store for his Muppets and I wonder what he would think of the Walt Disney company owning them today and what they have/have not done with his charming creations.

    This is a brilliant biography of a brilliant man and if you love the Muppets, this is definitely one to read.