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  • Lemon - Great Product - Just Wish I Didn't Need To UpgradeI have been a devoted Quicken user almost since the company launched. It is one of the most important and utilized pieces of software on my computer, and my affection for Quicken goes far beyond the normal relationship one has with anything digital. I personally want to reach out and touch all my investments, assets, and liabilities on a real time basis - and Quicken allows me to do this - even with the money I have professionally managed. In fact, the first question for me when I work with any money management firm or bank is "are you equipped to do one-step Quicken downloads?" And this doesn't mean "multiple step downloads" - it means I hit my update button on Quicken and all your info miraculously appears. If they can't do that, I don't work with them. Suffice to say, I'm a big Quicken fan.

    In the old days I would purchase the new version every year or two. At fifty or sixty bucks, it's a bargain, and there were usually valuable updates. But the last few years I found little advantage in the new versions. Quicken 2008 works great - and the small enhancements were not worth the money, or more importantly, the hassle of upgrading, so I have stuck with the version that works best for me.

    But a couple weeks ago I received the following email:

    When you purchase Quicken, we include three years of automatic bank downloads and technical support. Your current version of Quicken has reached its three year limit for these services, so you'll no longer be able to do the following:

    Automatically bring the most up-to-date info from your banks, credit cards, credit unions or investment accounts into Quicken

    Pay bills, get stock quotes, or read news headlines from within Quicken

    Get help by phone or online

    So essentially in a few months my current version of Quicken would be worthless. I don't remember them telling me when I purchased it that I was really just renting it for three years, but I guess that is the software biz. And as much as I dislike Quicken's sales process. I will grudgingly admit it is well worth the price, and accordingly I just upgraded to Quicken 2011 Premier Edition.

    A few suggestions and observations:

    Buy it from Amazon, and ignore the endless stream of Quicken promotions you might receive if you already use Quicken. Amazon has the best price.

    Buy the Premier Edition - or the Home and Business edition if you are utilizing the small business accounting functions. The added features you receive for an additional $25 to $30 are well worth the investment.

    Make sure you establish a good back-up process. If your pipes are fast enough you can back up online. I back up in two locations.

    My biggest fear when I upgraded in the past was the potential loss of data (which is easily overcome via backup) - but more importantly the loss of links used for automatic downloads. I have a dozen more more automatic downloads, and previously many were lost in the upgrade, requiring a really time consuming process to re-establish them.

    However, Premier 2011 installed easily and flawlessly, with all my downloads and links in place, the easiest upgrade I had ever experienced with Quicken. I have used the new version for a week, and here are my observations:

    The Good:

    They have maintained much of the original layout, so there is not much of a learning curve to use the new version.

    Some of the reporting features are greatly enhanced. I particularly like the new asset allocation features. They are much more accurate and allow for much more detailed analysis.

    The Bad:

    For some reason, it is just slower. Slower to react - slower to download - slower to move between reports.

    Some of the easy links between programs are gone. For instance, I can't jump to the portfolio column and the right hand overview screens.

    Overall, if I wasn't forced to upgrade there are not enough features to justify trading up. But given the overall usefullness of Quicken I am happy to support continued development and support of the product. If you are new to Quicken - I think you will really love it!
  • J. Minton - Great deal on PMS reliefLove the deal I got on the BIG bottles of Premsyn PMS medicine.
    Double the amount of pills per bottle that I can buy over the counter.
    Fast shipping, great price.
  • Rick L. Wendel - A Perfect Point & Shoot CameraIf you use video mode from a full charge to completely drained, you can record about 10GB. If you put the camera in front of your computer screen and use it to record a decent quality video and you write down what you’re going to say, you can go through about 16 pages of dialog in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 14 font, with narrow margins. The battery on the A2600 looks like a big memory card. Its cannon battery pack NB-11L 3.6 V, 680 mAH, 2.5 Wh (Lithium Ion). V = Volts, mAH = milli (x.001) Ampere Hours, Wh = Watt Hours. You can buy a newly manufactured one from, that still needs to be charged for $25.64 (including shipping and handling), or you can get a new, refurbished battery from, for $9.50 (including shipping and handling). That’s delivered to your mailbox. If you use the camera for trips or shoot a lot of video, you will want another battery. Otherwise, you won’t need one for around the house. You’ll need a USB cord that goes into the small USB connector for the camera. ($2) You’ll see a little cylinder on the cord itself. That’s a noise filter or voltage spike filter, common on all such cords i.e. it doesn't do anything else. (Still $2). When you get all your stuff, you’ll probably have a couple batteries, the charger, the camera, the USB cord and one or more memory cards. A little bag for it - is something I would get after you see what you have to put in it. ($10 at WalMart). The controls all make sense. There is no cryptic non-sense to figure out. The camera body is thinner than I thought it would be and it fits in the front pocket of my work shirts. I’m very happy with that. I haven’t tried out the camera at all yet. That’s because I own Video Studio Ultimate. It allows me to pick out shots from the video. The video files are in MOV format. If you want MPEG4, you need to convert it. You can’t select MOV files to bring into Video Studio without having a free copy of QuickTime installed on your computer. (Not QuickTime Pro, which costs $).
  • "vvawai" - Read this BookThe Dark Side of Camelot rewrites the history of John F. Kennedy and his presidency-at least the public version. Thank you Mr. Hersh, for taking aim at the Kennedy mystique and helping change the popular view of the Kennedy family forever. This is a must read for all. This books exposes what Kennedy should be remembered for: Vietnam (which he viewed as a strategic piece of real estate), stolen elections, adulterous affairs, the invasion of Cuba... The Kennedy's-those paragons of reformism and concern for the people-are shown for what they truly were: communist hunters, union busters, counter-insurgency enthusiasts, torture chamber academy founders... Those under the spell of the mythic "Camelot" will not like this book, but it's a truth from the 60s we should not shy away from. Kennedy should be remembered for unleashing the military might of U.S. imperialism against the Vietnamese, Cubans and more. Those who've been fooled by the likes of Clinton's liberal image would do well to study this book. It unveils the liberal as but a sugarcoated mask, the better to eat you with, in their rule of U.S. imperialism. Thanks Seymour, You've got a winner!
  • eringinia - Must have!This book has been a lifesaver! My baby is almost 4 months old and I don't know what I would have done w/out this book. There were times during the first 2 weeks especially that we were up in the middle of the night referencing this book to make sure everything was ok. It's a must have for any new family!