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  • Kouvre - THE PERIPHERAL OF 2006This product is amazing because it connects to ANYTHING. It's even backwards compatible with dry cereal, and is a great tool to use when running pill-taking programs. While portability is an issue, and mixing with fish causes the stomach system to crash, there's still no question that this is the peripheral of 2006.
  • Rachel L. Steen "Raquelita" - The side few knewFirst, I'd like to stress that this book, just like its title indicates, is not supposed to appeal to the nostalgia-ridden fans and conspiracy theorists that once found common ground on movies like 'JFK.' Seymour Hersh's 'Dark side of Camelot' is indicting as it is jaw-dropping.

    In one of the more revealing accounts, Hersh takes on the task of dispelling the peace-loving, freedom-advocate myth surrounding the J.F. Kennedy cult by confirming a long-held, yet underrated perpective that historical events such as the Cuban Missile crisis were in great part exacerbated by the late president and his brother Robert's domestic political ambitions, even when doing so required using the mafia as a reliable ally for the defense of the 'free world' as depicted by the Kennedys. It was the Kennedys' obsesion to bring Castro down and the urge to appear 'strong of communism' that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war with the prospect of a catastrophic invasion that was planned after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Hersh accounts of US and Soviet generals, CIA officers, and other sources of authority complement this view with chilling details.

    The Vietnam war also had Kennedy's fingerprints all over it, according to Hersh's findings. Kennedy's was as eager as Richard Nixon to continue running the war at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives when the former approved of Vietnamese strongman Diem's murder, although Kennedy was well aware that Diem and his brother had started backchannel negotiations with the communist and buddhist opposition in South Vietnam to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. At the end, Diem's pro-US rivals in the military took over and resumed the reign of terror and reppression that had been encouraged by Kennedy's most hawkish advisers in the Pentagon.

    The 'Dark side of Camelot' is not only a political indictment of John F. Kennedy, but also an impeachment on utter immorality by a U.S. head of state. In one of at least four main accounts from ex-Secret Service officers, president Kennedy was courted by members of his cabinet with young club girls who were often threatened with lock-ups in asylums if they dared to speak about their sexual anecdotes with president Kennedy and his entourage. Kennedy's promiscuous behavior opened the door for venereal diseases, such as Chlamydia, to haunt him until the day of his death, according to medical records cited by Hersh.

    For revelations like these ones, it is likely that the 'Dark Side of Camelot' be dismissed as a gossip-teller on the sexual life of John F. Kennedy, however, it will prove immensely valuable for those who wish to pursue the trail of elussive puzzle parts that shaped U.S. government policy during some of the most impacting world events of the 20th century
  • FantasyReader - Brother versus BrotherThis book is well titled and presents the epic event of Gettysburg in an entirely new and very personal account of this great event presented in the "fog of war" where the real participants actually lived, fought and died. Historical accurate in all details but with the added touch of the personal view where vision was limited to those around you and a few hundred yards of the field, often obscured and always deadly. War is fought by men from many backgrounds and for many reasons with few who want to be there and many who not only wonder if they will survive but what they will return to after the horror. A unique perspective worth of the read.
  • Ericson - I'm glad I tried itA friend recommended I try this for regularity and some inflammation issues I was having. I read that this probiotic is the only one that has had a real clinical trial to test it's effectiveness so I decided to give it a shot. Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of the probiotics cures all culture that seems to surround this stuff, and this was the first probiotic I've ever taken unless you count yogurt :P

    Having tried it, it helped my issues in the first week. I don't take it all the time, but whenever things feel out of whack (especially if I go on a bad food binge), align helps my gut flora get back on track.

    It's definitely worth a trial run for a week or two.
  • tessa pulgar - I Cannot Recommend This EnoughWords cannot describe how amazing this is. With my incredibly bad luck I developed a cold sore days before I was supposed to go to a military ball. I kept hoping it would go away but, to my horror, it only got worse with each day. I had always thought the only thing to do for a cold sore was wait it out and avoid all social contact but with the ball coming up I decided Orajel was worth a try. I couldn't have been happier with the results! Within hours the swelling had visibly gone down. Because the cold sore was so bad I used the other dose later that day and then bought another pack to use a day or two before the ball. By that time the only sign of the cold sore was a little redness and broken skin, but that was my fault for gnawing at it.
    One thing you should know about, it does dry out your skin quite a bit. But at least for me this was a welcome relief from the gross swollen cold sore-y feeling. I even noticed that it seemed to work better to not use chapstick, despite the dry feeling.