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  • hcabats "hcabats" - Perfect for my 7 year old boy (and his 12 and 10 year old brothers too!)After reading these reviews had wished i had bought this sooner for my son (and even now still do) but this is the perfect device/tablet/etc... for us... I am not hugely into the whole give kids technology so they know how to use it movement (although i love technology) as i do think kids time is better used by going outside to play and interact (even if it's loud and argument leading) with their siblings! BUT have always been a huge leapfrog buyer and pretty much bought everything they have put out since my boys were little...the leaps in technology that have happened are HUGE...this is a great learning tool for our son(s) and also brought them all together to play and LEARN too! They spent the whole first day making movies and doing skits (which included their angry birds tied with curling ribbon to fly in front of the screen!) and taking photos...when i asked them why as both their kindle and ipod have cameras they said it was just easy to do and the screen was nice and big! It DOES have a touch screen (as that is one concern i had after reading the review i thought it could only be used with the pen). Overall...we are really pleased with it and the games you get free with it are enough for him, but he had gotten extra birthday money and wanted one more app...and we found his favorite music by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS!!! So FUN! and being an engineer and having taught HS Physics last year wanted him to have fun playing with Phineas and Ferb's Physics App! He hasn't put it down and as most of the reviewers had younger children/toddlers I was worried. Highly recommend this...although wish the ebooks went up to 8&9 year old levels too right now they are great for 1st and 2nd grade even...So glad we bought this for him! OH and the rechargeable battery pack is a dream for anyone who has ever had one of these devices that doesn't naturally recharge by plugging in (you never need to even take them out to more hurt fingers, wasteful battery purchases, etc...)!
  • Kenzie - It worked!I was getting Depo shots until recently my husband and I decided to try for #2. I wanted something to help me start ovulating/menstrating again so I took a chance on Fertilaid. I was very skeptical but I took it 3 times daily as instructed and with 9 pills left in the first bottle, I'm menstrating! I'm thinking prayer had more to do with it then Fertilaid but it couldn't hurt to try it.
  • S.S. Howe - Cruel Optimism. The Best Title Deserves A Great Read.If you can understand that you exist in your own mind, and are constucted piecemeal in the mind's of others, this book will have you understanding the nature of randomness as it flourishes within each of us.

    Ms. Berlant is a fine author, and will fly under your radar with a guidance control that will leave you wondering if you have any defense against such an onslaught of unbiased logic.A wonderful read.

    John Twomey
  • Mike V. - I don't know what I would do without this bagI bought the large black Timbuk2 Command bag a few weeks ago to replace an old Swiss Gear/Wenger backpack I've had for the better part of four years. I wanted a large bag that I can fit a ton of stuff in without have a ridiculously huge bag if that makes any sort of sense. With the crazy amount of pockets and organization that this bag provides, I can do just that.

    For the record, I don't normally carry my laptop with me on a daily basis but I did throw my old late 2007 15" MacBook Pro in the "love glove" when I got it to try it out and it felt great. I can see why most people feel like it won't provide that much protection for your stuff but realistically, most people are going to keep their especially priceless electronics in sleeves, etc. before tossing it into a bag so I don't see that as a deal breaker for me.

    There are a few things worth noting but they're small things. First, this bag could probably do with an external side pocket for a water bottle. It would be nice to have especially during those summer days but it's not necessary.

    Also, I carry this bag on my right shoulder as opposed to my left like it's kind of designed for. With that in mind, I can't access the quick release cam. At first I was a little bummed about this until I realized that in my situation, the cam buckle doesn't really provide a noticeable advantage. By that I mean I'm 5'9", weigh about 230 pounds and have pretty wide shoulders. Using the release cam gives me maybe 4 inches of wiggle room that help me take the bag off easier so I just keep in buckled.

    The memory adjust portion of the cam is a life saver though. I can adjust it according to whether or not I'm wearing my full winter coat, a hoodie, or just a t-shirt without having to take it off of my shoulder or setting it down.

    I also bought the Timbuk2 Gripster pad for my bag for added comfort and the more textured side that keep the sliding of the pad to a minimum but the one that comes with it is pretty good too.

    In short, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this bag save for minute things mentioned above and I would gladly buy another bag and another one on top of that if I needed to. It's great bag from a great company.
  • J. Finkel "Jack of Trades" - Another Great LeapPadLeapFrog's LeapPad2 is a slightly beefier version of the original LeapPad, but it still falls way behind most other tablets in graphics, screen size, accuracy and features. However, it's one major redeeming quality is that it is durable. My 3 year old is pretty good at handling electronics gently, but I would still be hesitant to risk $500 on her taking care with an iPad. The LeapPad2 can take a lot of abuse though and I don't even have to worry about my 1 year old getting her hands (and much more) on it. While the tablet itself is cheaper than most other tablets, the software is much, much more expensive. Don't make a decision based primarily on the cost of the hardware.

    As for the LeapPad2 Monster University Varisty Edition vs. the regular LeapPad bundle, you are paying a decent amount for some trivial bonuses. The most significant item bundled in with the LeapPad2 is the $20 credit for LeapFrog's app store. It's generally better to have $20 to spend on Amazon because LeapFrog software will be cheaper on here. However, currently LeapFrog is giving 30% off your first purchase on their store. The stickers, cleaning cloth and bonus software included in the bundle may be fun for your kid or not. The protective cover looks nice and may add some probably unneeded extra protection. In other words, if your kid loves Monsters University, it may be worth purchasing this bundle, but don't think that you are getting a bunch of great items bundled in for all that extra cash.