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  • Quiana Grace Frost "Quiana Grace Frost" - Showing the WayBarbara Marx Hubbard is truly an inspirational force showing a higher potential expression necessary for humanity at this time. Barbara has the capacity to synthesize profound wisdom from many many brilliant people and make it accessible in a personable and relevant manner. I highly recommend this book and all of Barbara's work. It is a book whose time has come!
  • Ms Winston - Excellent Tool for Life EventsA few years ago I paid an attorney almost $400.00 to draft my will. Recently, I decided I wanted to make some minor changes and discovered that it would cost me at least $150.00 in fees to do so. WillMaker Plus was the answer! The software was easy to load, I found the instructions to be very easy, and the 2013 version had the updated information for my state. In addition,I could take my time to do medical directives, instead of feeling pressured to make quick decisions prior to surgery, which happened to me earlier this year. There is also access to setting up a living trust, which normally entails an additional cost. I find this entire process to be easy and painless. If you have a pretty straight-forward will, the obvious cost savings in purchasing Willmaker Plus over seeing an attorney will soon become obvious -- I highly recommend the package.
  • Lucia "lucia" - Basics Are Covered....Beautiful BookI absolutely love this book! Before purchasing, I found myself gathering bits and pieces of information from the wilton site to make the flowers and borders that I wanted, but this book puts them all together neatly without leaving anything out. I recently purchased Colette's Cakes which is also wonderful, but so much of it is advanced, and I'm just not there. I only decorate for fun. This book sticks to basics which, for me, is essential to focus. If I see to much detail I tend to become frustrated and over anxious. Then I end up giving up. So, with this book I can actually follow the process and learn step by step without the frustration.

    The only small disappointment was the weight of the cover. The paper is a bit thin and will need some support or will probably not hold up very well. Nothing a little clear contact paper can't cure though, so no big deal.