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  • Aaron J. Erdmann - I'm a new user, it was simple to learnI purchased this after using Excel for years and while I've only used it for a week its already proving to be an excellent investment. I noticed alot of reviewers give negative feedback compared to previous versions. I'm new at this so I have nothing else to compare it to. For me, it works! Easy interface and powerful tools completely impress me.

    I was considering buying something else based on bad reviews but since my CPA has Quickbooks I bought it. I don't regret my decision.

    I just took a semester introductory accounting class at the local University of Wisconsin 2-year campus so I can figure everything out pretty easily. BUT if you're new to accounting and purchase this versus an easier-to-use cheaper version or Quicken, be prepared to pay someone to help you get set up. But once accounts are put in any idiot can make an invoice or write a check or pay a bill.

    My only gripe is that my staff consists of "independent contractors" whom I pay 1099; they earn what I earn on a job other than a "finders fee" I charge for giving them the work. Other than putting their names on an invoice there is no way to easily pay them. I have to go in and manually make a "vendor bill" that is in no way linked to the individual invoice for the work they performed. Intuit- as Obamacare attacks small businesses and forces us to turn "employees" into "independent contractors" I think it would be more beneficial now more than ever to implement this feature.
  • MIGA3 - Happy :)I got it as a gift for my boyfriend and he's like a boy at Christmas! Loves it!
    It arrived in the original packaging and looked good. My only concern was that the box it was shipped in was bigger than the box where the tablet was, it was not labeled as "fragile" and just seemed a bit vulnerable to getting banged up during the shipping. But, so far its working well and should be ok but my recommendation to the seller is that some extra padding be put in just in case.
    If it hadn't been for customs it would have arrived really quick and during the whole time the seller was very cooperative answering questions promptly and providing any needed info.
    As for the tablet its self, its slim, elegant, light and has great image and sound. Plus Android is great! You can have all sorts of apps and contrary to the ipad not just mac apps. Asus has made a really nice product. Another downfall is that its not really 32GB, what you really get is 26GB. Ok, This is normal with most hard drives but luckily the Asus gives you the SD card option for extra space.
    5stars and happy :)
  • Maegan Ellicott - Love it, Love it!This is the second series I've read by Nalini Singh, the first being the Guild Hunter series. I just love her, she is my all time favorite writer and I loved this book. I love the view she takes of different human races/species and doesn't do the traditional shape shifter/human romance. Instead she introduces the Psy, who have amazing mental powers and are taught not to feel emotion at a young age. Sascha, being a "defective" psy actually does feel emotion, and I love her character. I love her relationship with Lucas and just the overall storyline.
  • Lori MacMichael "MRSMAC" - Two Times A Charm - It worked for us!!! :)We had a handsome 7 year old son and then we had 3 m/c's trying to conceive another child. We had put our name in at the fertility clinic and had not heard anything. I ordered this with the attitude that it wouldn't hurt to try. Well we tried and it worked - the day we found out we were pregnant we got our fertility appointment - we were able to give it to someone else.We had a girl that time. More recently as of 10 weeks ago we just had a boy .... I will note that both times we were only taking the fertilaid for one cycle... we will certainly endorse this!... with our 2 beautiful babies.