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  • bizzarcle - no thumbs, no problem!

    I no longer have thumbs due to clumsy banana slicing w/ sharp knives. With this product, who needs thumbs! Wonderful!! I still cannot play golf, hit a baseball, have a thumb war, manipulate tools, give someone a high-five, freak my child out w/ the detachable thumb trick, or peel a banana... but I can finally slice bananas again! Thank you Hutzler, my life is slightly better!

  • L. Domer - Fun!

    So a little cheesy and slightly soap opraish but totally fun! In medicine and fire for real...not so much but it's a break from reality. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships and would love to see more involvement within them

  • T. Bragg "movie lover" - At home in Mitford

    Jan Karon is a gifted author. The characters she creates become your friends. When I read these stories, I am in Mitford, I can see the shops, the church, the rectory She shares real life events. I love the references to classic literature and that Father Tiim is a romantic and loves the old poets. Ihave read the first two books especially over and over. I find companionship and joy in these pages and lovely warmth and humor. WONDERFUL *****