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  • KennyB - Great system and productWe love the TAGG product and system, 'it just works'! We travel all over the east coast with our rescued German Shepherd Shanah. She was involved as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring and it is believed that she somehow escaped inevitable death. She was a bloody mess on the streets for weeks until animal control was finally able to get her to a shelter and veterinary care. Because of her history and obvious distrust of people we considered her to be a potential runaway risk. The TAGG system has given us a great sense of confidence especially while traveling. It has worked perfectly from Key West Florida to Halifax Nova Scotia!

    The customer service is the best I have ever encountered, you can easily reach polite and knowledgeable people and it is US based.

    We also get a kick out of the ability of the product to track her activity levels. The graphs, history and charts are fascinating and we enjoy sharing them with family, dog park friends and doggy daycare staff. It also very accurately informs you via text and or email when your pet has left your property.

    The product just works, the system is awesome and the customer service is the best. The price point is also very fair, especially when you consider what you would offer as a reward for your lost pet.

    Shanah is now very trusting and friendly with other dogs and people and spreads joy in the many places she travels to.
  • Toddler Mom - Align helped me (I have IBS constipation type)I have had IBS constipation type for years. I take Citrucel and flax seed in water daily and eat 1 yogurt a day. Still constipated.

    2 weeks ago, was the worst...I took Miralax, Sennekot with stimulation pills, and 1 bottle of Magnesium Citrate (along with my usual daily Citrucel, Flax seed, yogurt), still barely had any stooling.

    Within 2 days of taking my 7day trial of Align (opened directly from the "stay fresh" Blister pack), I have been having bowel movements daily this week (for the first time in my life).

    It's embarrassing to discuss this topic with all these Amazon readers. But, as always, I want to help, even if it means my face is bright red right now.

    I'm very surprised, but I am now an official believer. Hopefully, you can get a 7day free trial pack from Align so that you can see if paying approximately $1 per pill is worth it for you.
  • Kimberly Johnson - Amazing ColorI really love this color and it was better than I anticipated! The case was easy to put on and stays put. The only con I have about this case is that the oil from your fingers leaves dark finger prints on the blue color. They are easily wiped off with glass cleaner, but it is kind of annoying.
  • R. J. Williams - A Nurse Practitioner says buy this bookIf you are prepping for TEOTWAWKI and do not have a medical background, THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK YOU MUST BUY! Covers home remedies that work, how to treat 75% or more of the conditions and illnesses encountered in a grid crash situation, sanitation and nutrition. Buy this book, you will not be sorry.
  • Richard Santamaria "Cane Rider" - Love My TDF BikeOK so I received the bike. I assembled it. That was easy enough. I then configured the wireless connection. That was real easy as well. I did a network test and confirmed I was on the Internet and that DNS was resolving the ifit website successfully. I tried doing a firmware upgrade but nothing happens so I assumed that it was the latest firmware. I might be wrong. I created my Ifit website account. I then got on my bike and tried to log into my account but it failed. I tried different things but my account just would not login. I then called the support number. They answered right away and I did not get transferred to anyone. The guy that answered is the guy that helped me. I told him my account was not working. He told me that the Username is case sensitive and that my Username started with a capital letter. I told him that this is highly unusual since the IFIT.com website did not require or care about case sensitivity for the Username like almost any website. He agreed but said the bike itself does care. I changed the login username to use the first letter capitalized and the bike succesfully logged into ifit.com. I then tried to download a map. That failed. He then told me to login to ifit.com by doing so using the login icon that is inside of the maintenance menu, under the wireless. When I used that login screen the map downloaded successfully. I then was able to start pedaling on the bike which started the workout. I then took my apad as I biked and logged into ifit.com. I could see that I had a Live workout icon in the top right. I then clicked on that and was able to see the street view of what I was biking. Now here is the only problem. When you are riding the map and program are running on the bikes computer hardware. This data is very obviously being logged back to the internet and then being recorded in your ifit profile on the Internet. The problem this presents is that there is a delay between the data on the bike and the data that then gets downloaded to the Ipad or whatver latop or computer you use to view the screen. This delay for me it is about 6 seconds, means that my bike could be going up a gradient of 8% while the ipad might only be showing the hill 6 seconds earlier and might have a gradient of only 3%. So my Physical bike is inclined at 8%, but my video is representing something I actually biked 6 seconds ago and only has 3%. I still need to see if there is some way for me to offload the video directly from the bike to an external monitor so there is no delay. I love this bike. Every day is a different adventure for me. As for the bike hardware I have had no complaints. It is extremely quiet unless changing the tilt of the bike which is quite noisy. You can lock out and turn off the tilt feature. Say you are biking really late at night and your bike is near your bedroom and you do not want to disturb her you could theoretically turn it off and be very quiet. Not me!, let her wake up or close her door! I am still learning about the bike as I have only had it for 1 week but so far I am having a great time. I will post more information if I do find how to offload the video directly to a monitor to eliminate the lag. Oh one more thing if you disconnect the bike from the power you will have to reenter the credentials. This is really annoying and should be fixed. Sometimes I do not to unplug it and I would rather not have to keep re-entering my credentials on that tiny annoying screen. Other than what I have reported here I am having a great time!!!! By the way if anyone has a recommended heart rate monitor for this bike please make a post of which ones are good.....Thanks and good luck riding if you buy this bike.