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  • FriscoJohn - IndespensibleIf you are going to visit Disneyland, whether for the 1st or the 10th time, there are three things you MUST have. 1) Money 2) Sunscreen 3) This book.

    Studying it will make the difference between a great trip, and a hassle. The whole name of the game at Disneyland is beating the lines, and this book tells you how best to do it. Because there is no affiliation with Disney, you get the straight scoop. I buy a copy before each trip (we go about every three years.) Good info on hotels/motels, restaurants, California Adventure, and Universal Studio, etc. also.
  • Daev Finn - A Man Reviews the Conscious BrideI'm a 35 year old man who read this book at considerable threat to my masculinity. I read it at coffee shops, doctor waiting rooms, and finally as I grew more bold, in the gym where I received withering looks from neckless men who were obviously out of touch with their feminine side.It's a deceptive book, that hides something for a man who can see beyond the powder blue cover with a pert bride who sits dreamily in thought. In it I see what roller coaster the bride is on, as well as seeing myself reflected in those pages. It made me feel that I wasn't alone in my experiences with family and my bride, (now ex-wife) and I wondered to myself, where was this book when I needed it?This book works on different levels that allows a reader to become more aware of unconscious processes and therefore more grounded in their wedding process. This awareness doesn't just apply to the wedding experience though, I find it helpful in giving me awareness about the processes to my everyday life.The author discusses big issues that newly weds deal with as well as their families. She grounds us in the discussions by making us aware of the the things we didn't want to talk about. She sharpens our awareness of ourselves on a journey that treads inward and finally into a discussion of the nature of relationships in our culture and how this is changing. Imagine a future where no-neck guys in gyms openly read and discuss the Conscious Bride without shame.In the end I felt the healing effects this book had to offer a man who went through many of the things she discusses. I found myself feeling no longer alone, and suddenly able to put context to my experience and hopefully the awareness that I will need to make my next experience more positive.Yes, buy this book. Put it in your book collection and refer to it. Give it to friends who are getting married. Talk about it in coffee shops, near the water cooler, and in gyms with guys that have no necks.
  • Mino Guy "Mino Guy" - Awesome accomplishment, lots of fun, not as good of a game! SecurRom sucks thoIt's very strange: here the game gets 1 and a half stars, and on all other game reviews websites it gets 80-95%. As IGN reviews said in short, "Definitely an amazing accomplishment, not quite an amazing game." This means that it is definitely very fun if you don't try to just complete the game, but it doesn't go that much in depth, which many veteran gamers will not like, and the fact that it isn't that much of a challenge until the space stage if you play in medium or hard mode. That is not for me, even though I am a veteran gamer, because I play games for the fun, not to beat them (sometimes I do because they unlock fun extra content). I'm not sure how well the game functions on pc, but on mac I don't find any moderate or major problem. To read the full review, read on.

    This game goes through evolution, from a tiny microbe trying to eat to survive to a fully developed species that rules a quarter of the galaxy while exploring, conquering, allying, or blowing up the rest of it. The best part is that you create your species' entire evolution path, from creating it to making him aggressive, passive, or in the middle.

    The creation mechanism is amazing. It is very detailed, you put on all the body parts, and you even create the length of the body, how fat it is, and the way the spine is put together. The evolution process is sweet too, because the decisions you make decide your specialties in the world.

    There are five stages in the game. In the cell stage, you are swimming around in the ooze of the deep ocean eating either other cells (a carnivore) or plants (herbivore). You can even unlock the ability to be an omnivore eventually. Your eating decisions decide the nature of you in the creature stage.
    In the creature stage you control one of you species of a nest of your creature after you end up sprouting legs and moving to land. You find other nests of creatures that you will either ally with or attempt to make extinct. One part of the game that makes it a little easy is that when you die your group just makes another baby that you end up controlling. The way you come back to life changes as you go through the stages.
    Once you evolve enough in this stage, you move onto the tribal stage, where your species has a chief who discovered fire and learned the arts of war and music. You are playing God as you control each member of the tribe, managing food supply and building layout. You find creature nests that you can make extinct or ally with them and have the creature help you make more food. You also encounter the growing of other tribes, allying with them by playing their desired music or killing them with your new sharp tools.
    Once you either ally or destroy all the tribes of the continent, you move onto the civilization stage, where you discover energy (use your imagination what source of energy it is, like solar if you like) and build buildings and vehicles. You start by ruling a city in a continent of the world, finding other cities being ruled by other nations of the same species as you. Depending on your specialty, you either conquer them by military means, convert them by religious means, or buy the city after keeping a trade route for a long time.
    Once you have the planet under your control, you move onto the space stage, where your civilization builds a spaceship and you explore the galaxy while you interact with other empires, civilizations, tribes, and creatures. You can conquer planets, buy planets, create alliances, abduct creatures, destroy other tribes and civilizations, not to mention other empires. You can also colonize life-giving planets and even terraform planets to be able to give life (or vice-versa). When you expand enough, you will even be able to obtain a death ray (or in star wars, a superlaser) that can destroy a planet. Once you earn enough badges, you can either continue doing the space stage or finish the game and start again at any stage you want.

    In conclusion, this game is a lot of fun, but only if you play to have fun, not just to beat it. It does not go much in depth, which is what raises much criticism. It is very easy to adapt to the game, and in early stages there is some repetition. It will be fun tracing your creatures evolution. What is also very great is the history tracer which tells you everything you ever did that was important, which also includes the time it would take in real life to do what you did. Overall, as a gamer, I gave it five stars in order to even out the amazon review and because I think the game deserves it.

    By the way, SecurRom will do bad to your computer, and so don't get the actual box version of the PC version, because it will be their. Instead, go to D2D or Steam to buy them online and download em directly