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  • AG "September Mom" - Expensive but worth it!Yes. It's a lot of money for an advent calendar when you consider that you can get a calendar full of chocolate for $1.99. BUT! It's Lego and Star Wars so it's worth it (to us). My boys love, love, love this calendar. This is the second year we've gotten it. My kids (and my husband!) look forward to opening the doors every day and building the ship or the guy... It's just fun. I don't know what else to say. It's FUN!
  • Norman A. Pattis - The Thug At Your Door Might Just Be A CopWhy do police officers and federal agents need to dress up in full-military regalia to serve search warrants for paper in the absence of any potential threat? No one seems to ask this question. Instead, we roll over and play dead while law enforcement transforms the ancient notion that a man's home was his castle into the notion that we're all mere renters of the space in which we enjoy privacy. Balko's timely volume sketches out just how much has changed in the past forty years.

    It started with the war on drugs and the related rhetoric of fear. Things intensified with the so-called war on terror. Now even the judiciary is in on the game: the growth in exceptions to the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant, the creation of judicially granted immunities to police officers when they err, making it impossible to hold accountable an officer who bangs down your door, holds you at gun point, trashes your home, and perhaps, shoots your barking dog -- only to find out later that he raided the wrong house.

    This book made my blood boil. Cops compete with one another for federal grant money so that virtually every police department in the nation has a SWAT team. Discarded military equipment is doled out to police officers paying with federal funds. Should a department run low on dough for violent toys, they can always seize drug-related property under liberal forfeiture laws, and, perhaps, sell your home to purchase a tank or two.

    I've heard stories of families held at gun point by SWAT teams when a loved one was already arrested, in cuffs, and taken out the door. We've created the functional equivalent of what the founders abhorred -- a standing army.

    This is a fantastic book -- evenhanded, non-polemical and well-documented.

    Read it and weep.
  • Stephanie S. Schilling "New Mom 2012" - Great stroller for Grammy!I purchased this stroller for my Mom, who watches my 8 week daughter 4 days a week. I have the UPPABABY Vista, which I love, but wanted something in between a full size and umbrella stroller. The B-Agile is just that! It opens and folds with one hand, is incredibly lightweight but safe and easy for anybody to operate. The Kiwi color is exactly as pictured, very vibrant and stands out from the typical black and red Britax offers. We use the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seat and this is now compatible to use with the purchased adapter. We probably won't be needing it, since it is used primarily with Grammy, but it is a great option. I am a first time Mom and research EVERYTHING (probably way too much) related to baby before buying and knew this would be a safe bet since the Britax brand is such a big name in baby gear. This is also going to perfect for traveling!
  • Jane E Ryder - Excellent!!I bought this heating pad for my 84 year old mother. She has arthritis in her upper back as well as some lower back pain. She absolutely loves this pad. It is long and wide enough to cover both areas at once. She uses it in her chair and takes a nap with it in place. She can use the timer to turn it off while she naps. It is super soft and comfortable and she uses it everyday.