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  • FloJo "FloJo" - One of Greatest releases yet by Wow GospelThis is an awesome CD I love it because it has a lot of the number one hits played on radio but most important it also has some wonderful, wonderful song that is not played on radio but should be. Had I not purchased this CD I would have missed out on some great songs. Like "Not My Own" by Myron Butler & Tasha Cobbs. That's just one. I have a problem putting this one down. I cant' stop listening to this CD. I have quiet a few of WOW Gospel CD and I have not been disappointed yet. These are a great investment and a wonderful way to be exposed to a lot of different artist in one purchase. Excellent buy!
  • Cat Lady "avid reader" - My second order was as great as my firstGreat product. I underwent surgery, and with all the drugs my system was off. Gas, bloating, etc. I started taking this product and things improved dramatically. If you are going to have surgery start this as soon as possible. Make sure to let your doctor know first, of course, but my surgeons said no problem, good idea.
  • Wanderlust Addict - A Sign of Things to ComeI am an IT support professional. I hold certs for many products including Microsoft and Linux. Because I work on computers I am not an apple fanboy. Windows 8 trys to merge Windows 7 with a table OS because they are trying to compete with the IPAD. You can go back and forth between the two with ease. Yes there is a bit of a learning curve and those who are not capable of learning then stick with your Macs/IPAD and the pretty ICON apps. But if you give it a chance and you may like it.
    Is it the best Windows so far? I don’t know. I haven’t used it enough.
    Is it the worst? Not at all.
    If you are on the fence, and your hardware can support it, I would recommend going for it. Spend a couple hours playing with it to get used to it. There is a search feature right at the top of the side bar and you can type in whatever you are looking for. I think once you have worked with it, you will find that you like it.
    As for the haters and the people posting bad comments, they are going to bash anything that says Microsoft, or they are lazy and don’t want to try something new. They would be saying the same things if they were around when Windows 95 came out and you had to upgrade from Win3.1 and heaven forbid you put them in front of a Linux box.
    Backup your stuff of buy another hard drive (they are cheap) and give 8 a try. I think you will be glad you did I know I was. WinXP is great but it won’t last forever.
  • TwinCitesRider - Quick Learning Curve for Quicken!Simple to Complex, it covers it all - I found the Register to work just like your standard checkbook register, with easy editing of any field. And all the "auto fill" features really simplifies repeat entrees. The flexibility available in report generation is virtually unparalleled, being able to manipulate a report AFTER it has been generated, changing sort orders, how to total or subtotal, change the date range, and much, much, more! So much more than being able to adjust a margin or orientation before sending your report to the printer. Setting up a connection with the bank was extremely easy, as it is almost holding your hand through the process. The database of bank names even included the credit union that I use for my personal accounts, and it hadn't been there, it was ready to help me find it! I purchased the Starter Edition (great price!) and can't imagine what else I could need or get with any other version! Thank you Quicken, you have made my life a little bit easier to manage! Tom P., Minneapolis, MN.
  • D. Matheny - Very good portable drive!My wife goes on scrap-booking retreats fairly frequently and we've been using this drive for the last few months in order to transport family pictures along with the laptop.

    The main issue with the laptop is that the internal drive just isn't large enough - and it's also easier to just copy the pictures to and from this drive instead of waiting to copy everything over the wireless.

    The speed is good for the intended use and it definitely has enough capacity to put just about anything she needs on there. It's also convenient to just plug the drive into our main PC and copy all the pics she wants before throwing it in a backpack and heading out the door.

    I will say that I haven't installed any additional software or drivers - but I typically try to stay away from the apps that are bundled with these types of products. I guess I've learned over time that these apps are free for a reason. :)

    Anyway, if you are looking for a large amount of portable storage, then I would highly recommend this little drive from Seagate!