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  • Jamie - What an amazing product

    I have been using the Exposes Skin Care treatment for about 5 months now and all I can say is wow (and no I am not exaggerating) unfortunately like a lot of people out there I suffer from Acne, I have no control over Acne and despite what I do or eat Mr and Mrs Pimple always seem to form at the wrong time, I have gone from Over the counter (OTC) products to antibiotics and still no luck, considering we live in this day and age there is still no cute for something as small as Acne but the good news is there is a product that is the closest thing I have experienced to a cure and that is Exposed Sin Care, this is such a great product, my face is ten times more clearer, my face glows and my confidence is just booming. I urgly recommend ANYONE with Acne to give this a shot, this will do such a great job as it is Science and Natural ingredients combined, I normally just prefer scientific products as Natural products I find them to be very slow or the usual saying "it gets worst before getting better" now as an Acne sufferer I can pretty much say this on behalf of every other suffer that WE are not patient and hate that saying as we don't want to break out, Exposed Skin care gas not done this and from week 1 my Skin was amazing, the Customer Service team is one of a kind, their services are really great and if I could say one thing the only thing I can say is this......... BUY IT!!!! :D

  • Daniel B - The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.

    I was thunderstruck when it said “great for cereal.” Having been diagnosed with road rage, my doctor recommended I add banana and oatmeal to my diet to keep me calm. I eat a lot of oatmeal at work and having sliced bananas in my bowl is a must. Growing tired of using the plastic knives they give us in the lunchroom that don’t cut decently, I resorted to chopping up my banana by hand. The result was catastrophic. Imagine having mashed banana all over your hands while typing out a lawsuit deadline. The look on my keyboard would make anyone with a soul want to vomit. I really NEEDED my 11am bowl of oatmeal with banana or my road rage disease would morph me into Dr. Jekyll. But my hands would be covered in mashed banana. What might my co-workers think seeing my hands and keyboard? Will they judge me? Will we still be friends after my breakfast is all over? They probably wish I did not eat oatmeal, or even exist at all. Then I tried the banana slicer and my life immediately became doubleplusgood. It cuts the banana into equal sizes without the mushy hands. Many questions came rushing through my mind regarding human ingenuity. Although many evils in this world have been made by man, such as the atom bomb, there is also much good . What will the future of human ingenuity bring? As I sat eating my oatmeal with banana, I remembered my Shakespeare: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.”

  • C. Wizner "gadget girl" - More than expected!

    I have had Peg Perego in the past when my 10 yr old daughter was born. I was very pleased then, which is what swayed my purchase from Uppa Baby and Britax. I couldn't be happier!! The material, the construction, everything about this stroller is exactly what I was hoping for. It folds easily, has options like the bassinet stand and one of the only strollers to offer an actual child tray, not just a cup holder. Overall, extremely satisfied!