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  • Book "Chica" - Light, portable, sturdy

    We got this to travel with and love how it doesn't take up a chair or space that we use it at home. The key is to make sure that the bottom seat is totally flat and to snap the two straps with holes on the end into the side snaps to secure it. Once that's set up (just once) you're good to go. Otherwise, baby is sliding forward. The travel ouch is great, we got the rubber placemat from summer infant something and its a great portable tray that fits in the pouch. I do wish it had a handle though. It's well designed with the pocket on the back. It does take a bit of time to set it up, but just don't untwist it all the way and it isn't that bad. We like that its not as bulky as other hook on chairs.

  • Maria A. Brastreet "Maria" - great buy!

    got it as a present for my husband who is software engineer and he loves it. We all using this tablet , watching movies, kids are playing games and it looks and performs as brand new!

  • Robert Boze - Absolutely Fantastic

    In general, books steeped with religion, biblical quotes or dealing with someone finding God tend to turn me off. Why? Because I hate being preached at and they describe the beliefs of the author through a character(s) in the book and I seldom find their beliefs relate to mine. In books such as these I often find myself skipping large sections.

    This was not the case with Tessa Afshars' Harvest of Rubies. In fact, I skipped nothing! She has to be one of the best writers I've come across in a long time. I love her style and how believable and relatable she makes her characters. She is also the only author or person who has believably explained how someone discovered God and related the importance of that to the stages of their life! Did she change my beliefs? No! And I love her for not trying! The beliefs of Sarah are clearly hers and not intended to preach religion or God to the reader.

    I also loved how she wove the story around the history of Persia, clearly related the relationships between royal families and the common people and wonderfully wove the Jewish religion and people into the story. Amazingly, she did all this without once implying that any one was inferior to the others. Instead she simply described how each played their role in the history of Persia.

    No mater what type of books appeal to you, you will like Harvest of Rubies and you will find Tessa Afshar an amazing writer! As so many of the reviews have said, once you start you simply can't put it down.