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  • L. Photography "AlwysLearnin" - very pleased indeedIf you like an artistic style and really want to get a wider picture, then you will certainly not be disappointed with this lens. The color and clarity of this lens is fantastic and it's a blast to use! Just be sure to practice with it first if you take shots with people in it will distort.

    So much fun and a must have for any non traditional photographer!
  • joanne Wharry - John PaulJohn Paul was diagnosed with UC at 2 years 3 months old. that was in june of 2000. he took pentasa over the summer while i researched over the summer to find a natural remedy. i have UC and am familiar with the intense meds they prescribe for IBD. I did not want him to be on meds. On labor day of 2000 i find out about this book from a search on the internet. we started the diet immediately and he had a reduction in symptoms right away. he had some setbacks but has been in remission now for over a year. I am currently following the diet also. It is a change of lifestyle but a great one! I am finally in control of what I'm eating instead of the food controlling me... I am truly greatful to Elaine for making curing people with IBD her life's goal! My son is greatful too! Thank you Elaine!!!
  • Kevin Nicasio - Download or an expensive piece of plastic, you decide!That's right, it's your decision!

    You get the downloadable version for 65% cheaper with all the benefits that expensive piece of plastic gives! I am extremely content with my purchase, and love the feeling of buying online off a trusted source! I recommend this to anyone needing virus protection. (:

    Pros on getting this product?:

    • Delivered straight to your PC, so there's absolutely no package waiting time! (beside the actual download)
    • Cheap, and I mean a whooping 65% off cheap from $90.00 USD! (some stores going as high as $110.00 USD for the CD!)
    • Would you rather harm the world and wait 217 years for a CD to discompose or buy this? Your choice!

    Cons on getting this product?:

    • You might get a disconnecting issue like I had, but after the third attempt it downloaded with flying colors!
    • A deal this good awakens your skepticism, but I assure you it's 100% safe!
  • Benjamin Sams - I was at this show in AprilAbout two or three weeks before my father and I, as well as a few good friends, went to this concert we all found out that a production crew would be filming it for a live DVD. As a huge Rush fan, I was blown away by this. I can promise you that both the band and the fans were on fire the entire show! Cleveland was the perfect setting to shoot the film in and I am indebted to Rush for choosing the location, even though it is smaller than most large metropolitan areas, as in New York or L.A.

    The concert itself was simply fantastic. Moving Pictures was played all the way through and the rest was an awesome mash up of greatest hits, fan favorites and the newest singles material. Neil, Alex, and Geddy were astounding as always. I would recomend this title to anyone that enjoys live concerts, Rush, or any young person that is wanting to get into quality music.
  • John Dembeck - Works great on home serverI bought this hard drive to use with my home server which I built, and runs on Amahi software. First thing I did was format the drive. I had no need/use for the software which was loaded on it. Then I plugged it into my server (running Ubuntu), and it works perfectly.

    I now have all my movies, iTunes library files, torrents, and anything else I need on it, accessible from anywhere in my home. It works great, and read/write times are great. The size of the device works well also, because it fits just about anywhere I place it.