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  • J says - Always spot on info

    I almost didn't buy it, because the only areas we went to in Italy were Venice and the Dolomites, and there's a wealth of info about Venice... all I really needed there was a map to explore! But the Dolomites... as usual, Rick Steves gives extensive information about the areas he and his group cover, right down to where the laundromats are. The buses in the Bolzano/Seis/Castelrotto region were confusing to me going in, and the book really made it clear. Wish I'd just gone ahead and bought every book of his (for the places on our trip) to begin with!

  • Andre Frederick "EVO 4G Lte" - Asus Transformer Prime 32GB Gray (The Wi-fi Works)

    First off I didn't purchase this from I canceled my pre-order and ordered from Office Depot so you won't see the Amazon Verified Purchase in the top left corner.

    Second I don't feel the need to type out a Full page Detailed Review for this product, I don't work for or Asus.

    Third after the initial setup I restored All the Apps including data from the microSD card I had in my Asus Transformer. All my Apps data and setting were restored on my Asus Transformer Prime in about 20 minutes.

    Fourth I did the update for ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0). Apps opened faster and internet browsing was more fluid on the Transformer Prime compared to my Transformer. The Asus Transformer and the Asus Transformer Prime have the same resolution, 1280x800. The Asus Transformer Prime looks brighter and contains more details on screen than the Asus Transformer at the same brightness level.

    Fifth I don't have Any Wi-fi issues. I have Comcast Xfinity Blast and I am currently getting 19 mbps downloading with 6mbps uploading. I know the updated version of the Asus Transformer Prime is coming out with higher resolution and improved Wi-fi/GPS but I really like this tablet it is what it is supposed to be a True Successor to the Asus Transformer. I don't feel cheated at all. Oh I had my Asus Transformer Prime connected to the mobile hotspot on my Samsung Epic 4G Touch and the looking over my shoulder at work were amazed at the speed. I kept hearing."Wow, Wow". Copy and paste the link below this is the test I did over my mother's with her Wi-fi router connected to the Asus Transformer Prime.