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  • Cameron C. Stevens "camboron" - Doesn't get much better than this!

    The utter bleakness of this book whittles down anything that's come before into its most primal and pure expression of life, love, truth and hope. It's hard to write anything about this most perfect of books, that either hasn't been said before, or that will diminish its overwhelming power. Don't talk about this book, just read. Anyone not moved by this book, and its simple story of family love, and survival should see a doctor. Your sense of morality, and goodness will be forever changed. Ok, I'm going to stop talking now. READ IT!

  • Dave - Freakin Awsome

    This Tablet rocks!! First off, I would like to start off this review by saying the quite vivid display is absolutely fantastic. Its Bright as heck and the colors just seem to pop out @ you. Next the 16gb of factory memory is nice but you can expand to 32gb, which is what i did before it even arrived @ my house. I downloaded the netflix app and it works flawlessly. Its overall appearance is slim sleek and sexy, Very easy to hold and to navigate. Set-up was quite easy and fast, it only took me 1/2 an hour till i was up and running. It also has a really cool remote feature that i set-up with ease. Over all I give this tablet 5 stars because its easy to use and has a really bright display, oh i need to mention the sound. The sound is pretty big for such a small device and can handle movies, music and sports. Get this you wont regret your decision one bit!! hope you found this review helpful.:)