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  • toxicavenger - The best item to own if catching the ladies (or VD) was ever a goal of yours.Since I got this shirt I have gotten so much "tang" that I have started to coat my "memember" in motor oil to keep it in tip top shape. So it is a must have if in your younger years "beating you meat" was a sports event. For me it was a challenge to keep my "barrels" empy so I wouldn't have to many miss fires in "home ec".
  • shakers - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10"This is a great little device for everything. You can get e-mail, facebook, do your banking online, do researching, it has games and all sorts of aps. I bought 2, one 7" for my 13 y/o granddaughter and one 10" for myself. Needless to say I ended up giving the 10" to my oldest granddaughter and then I had none. They have so much fun with them. They send each other great pictures and skyp back and forth. It also has baby games on some aps. It's clear screen makes it so easy to read. It is a well made tablet that you will be able to handle quit easily. I just got my 10" yesterday and soon I will be enjoying it as I can take it in any room and learn more new things everything. I now have my own at a very affordable price. I bought mine refurbished and I saved about $50.00.
  • Mac Simpson "MacKinnon" - A GREAT book!Maraniss has done a superb job in uncovering Barack Obama's background and influences. It is amazing to see how such a chop-suey childhood created such a insightful thinker, when it could just as easily have destroyed him. I helped a bit on Ron Jacob's Obamaland, and the Hawaii influences on Obama--as on most of us from here--are enormous. I recommend Barack Obama: The Story for anyone wanting to see the evolution of a kid in rubber slippers in Honolulu to the highest elected official in the land.