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  • Karen - Great value

    After looking at similar cases from speck and other companies online, I decided to save some money and get this case. It's a wonderful color, fits perfectly on my 13'' mac book pro, and - best of all - covers all marks on the exterior of your computer (in the event you have them, like me). I never write reviews and I'm very satisfied with this.

  • Joe Kubik - best tablet awsome seller

    I just wanted to say what a wonderfull experince i had with this seller and this tablet it is very fast and everything works great and un very haooy with it i looked at other tablets and i couldnt be happier with this oine i recommend to all

  • Nikki - best swim cap

    I swam competitively for most of my life, and this was the only cap that I enjoyed using. Latex caps snagged my hair and gave me allergic reactions. Cloth caps feel nice but they're not for competitive swimmers, as they slow you down. The silicone caps are a breeze to put on and even held my waist-length hair.

  • sunshine - Thanks so much Real people

    After reading some of the Real reviews about this product I decided to give it a try even thou there’s a lot of scam artist on here and I don't believe half of u lol but in life u must take chances so anyway No more bad breath :) :) :) :)THIS IS THE BEST MOUTH WASH I EVER USED in 39yrs. If your having problems with bad breath *this is your answer*