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  • Rayboy - Makes latte the way I like it

    I have waited over a month to make sure the Mr. Coffee BVMC-EL 1 Café Latte would work as stated. It works great. Makes Latte of all flavors plus regular coffee the way you like it. Very versatile machine. Easy to clean. If you like to experiment with varieties of coffee, teas and latte this is your reasonable way to go.

    One minor objection I have: The fill marker for water amount is not easily located and hard to see the water marks.

  • INGRID - It works perfect and combine with a little exercise u loose weight.

    If the purpose that you are looking for is to clean yourself and feel that all your colon is getting clear and clean this is the product for you. It makes you feel that all you are eating and needs to get out your body it will come out. You will go to the bathroom 'cause it is part of the process but it is not a crazy thing like you won't have time to go to the toilet like some people says. It makes you loose weight a bit 'cause the food it is not staying as longer as before in your body and if you combine with exercise it is even better and fast results. I take the tablets as it says the medication and works for me.

  • I. Jean Carter - Review of Norton Anti Virus

    Product arrived on time. I have been using Norton Anti Virus for years. I have tried other Anti Virus but always come back to Norton. It is easy to use and recent products have not had a problem installing. This particular one is for 3 computers. I have a desktop, and 2 laptops and installed this program on all of them without a problem. At this point, I cannot find anything negative to say.

  • Maria in Long Beach, CA - Not just a book...a work of art

    This is the first book by Susan Branch that I've had the pleasure of reading. When I opened it up, I literally gasped. I knew that Susan Branch was an artist and wrote each page of her books by hand and included her own artwork as illustrations, but to actually see it completed brought to light the realization of how much love and hard work goes into each page. I felt as if I'd discovered a secret journal that had been written just for me. I had to leaf through each page before I actually started to read. I was in awe. And then I discovered the best surprise of all...Susan Branch is an extremely talented writer. I could not put this book down. I felt as though I was actually there with her in the English countryside every step of the way; that we had taken this trip together. When I finished the last page, I took my bookmark and immediately placed it back on page one. I couldn't wait to read A Fine Romance again.

    My suggestion is that you buy more than one copy because you truly will feel as if this is your journal; that no one else should touch it. I told friends I would loan it to them after I read it. Now I tell them to get their own copy ;o)