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  • Lilly S. - Wonderful camera !I got this camera recommended from a friend, and I must say I absolutely love it ! This camera has it all, and for a good price as well. Just the thing that the lens is not removable suits me perfect. And with a lens with 24-1000 range, you don't need an addition. You can also rotate the lcd-sreen, so when you don't use it, you can turn it to the cameraback, so it's protected. I love the function 360 panorama, and that you can take really slow movies which are very funny to watch. Only small minus is the on-off switch which could easily be turned on or off, but it's just a precaution when you're aware of it. Well, to make it short, just buy the camera - and I guess you will like it as much as I did :-)
  • J. Thomas - The drug book you will want to haveThis book is very clear and easy to read. A need to have for transcriptionists and other medical support staff.
  • Lindsey - Interesting retelling of a Classic novel!This is an action packed retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo from a different perspective, none other than the great Sherlock Holmes!

    I found it very well written and with a very modern language, all should appreciate. It's a great retelling of a classic novel, while introducing new twist, and characters.

    Before reading this I was unfamiliar with The Holy Ghost Writer, but found the story telling to be very original and humors. I've learned this is just one of the books in a larger series by The Holy Ghost Writer, and I personally can't wait to ready more!
  • Michael Otis - great valueWent to the driving range for a test ride. Overall happy with the entire set. Still getting comfortable with the drivers, but adapted to the hybrids and irons immediately. Putter is excellent. Found that I am going to have to add a 3 and 5 iron to the set since these were frequently used in my last set and I am missing them in certain situations. Highly recommend to the occasional golfer...
  • George Zadorozny - The Amazing Rand Strikes Again!For those who thought that "Atlas Shrugged" could not be surpassed, here Rand refutes all doubters and utterly tops that opus in a style so rarefied and refined that words themselves have been transcended, with the essence--no, the ethereal, mystical quintessence--of Rand's philosophy expressed as its ultimate ur-truth of a million unrelated symbols floating forever in pure mindless randomness. Rand's myrmidons will find this most congenial, and I recommend that they spend the rest of their days reading this ne plus ultra masterpiece, meeting 24/7 in pure white Randian temples, there to pontificate and meditate on this wonder and that way stop bothering everybody else.