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  • brian kwiatkowski - Overall great systemPreordered from amazon and arrived on time on release day. Very hesitant about opening it after reading some bad reviews with broken systems from amazon. That was a small minority, mine started up and is working perfect. Great visuals and online is fast and smooth for now but there also isn't too many users online yet. Overall a great system, only downside is ps3 games will not play on it.
  • Ck - Awesome productA life saver, in my country the doctor does it for us and it hurts like hell... This product does its job... I recommend it... So good..
  • Pamela F. Feldhues - Calphalon Nonstick 6 piece Bakeware SetIf you're a beginning baker and you want to purchase good quality bakeware, this is the set to start with. All the beginning necessities are included to make just about any kind of baked good! This set is a gift, so I don't know what the response will be, but as an experienced cook, I would love to receive these. A great product at a great price. I'm always amazed at how fast Amazon ships products. Another wonderful experience, Amazon!!!
  • Debbie Lee Wesselmann - Great Storage, Solid ConstructionThis Seagate Backup Plus is a solid option for an external drive for both PCs and Macs (more on Macs later.) With 2TB of storage, you can store or back up tons of files, and it is especially needed for those of us who have a lot of memory-hungry media on our computers. Because it stands upright, it has a small footprint, something I find welcome on my already cluttered desk. This 2TB version has an all-black, shiny plastic casing. The operation is quiet, and, so far, error-free.

    Mac users: Although this Backup Plus drive arrives formatted for Windows, it is compatible with Macs, although it must be reformatted to use with Time Machine. At the time of purchase, the Mac version was $10 more, so this one saved me. I could have used it as is to store files; however, I wanted it to use as a Time Machine backup for my Mac. All I had to do with use the Disk Utility to partition and switch to a journaled format. Afterward, I can use it for both Time Machine backups and file storage; the added folders are not touched by Time Machine backups. Be warned, however, that the entire drive will be erased when you do the initial reformatting. This Backup Plus drive is compatible with the Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter.

    -- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
  • S. O. Baldrick - The milkiest milk I've ever hadExcellent, just excellent stuff. Putting milk in a plastic jug: brilliant. Name one other milk company that's thought of that!

    I came around to Tuscan milk because of all the remarkable reviews on Amazon. And I wasn't disappointed. I am subject to bouts of sudden, violent and uncontrollable bleeding from the eyes and rectum. Fortunately, drinking Tuscan Whole Milk eliminates what can be pretty embarassing at parties.

    But, there is a downside too. Tuscan milk is tied to tragedy for me. My sister was killed and thrown into a smelter by a stalker who drinks Tuscan milk. Even worse, the murdered woman's husband now hangs out with my sister's killer and I suspect he drinks Tuscan milk as well.

    I found this out when I was dressed as a woman at a local leather bar and the two of them tried to pick me up. Needless to say, I was shocked. Only a glass of wholesome Tuscan milk calmed me down.

    Here's something else weird. When I would leave jugs of Tuscan milk on the dashboard of my car last summer, the milk would tend to become spoiled, which suprised me. I'm sure the Tuscan laboratory is trying to create a milk that can be left on dashboards in the summer without spoiling as we speak. Rock on, Tuscan!