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  • SHARON MCAMIS - the Hutzler 571 saved my farm

    The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer saved my life and my farm. I have struggled for years trying to get the correct flake to banana ratio in my morning cereal but it was just getting more and more difficult. It finally reached the point where I was loosing weight. Trying to select the correct number of flakes, or even rice krispies, with inconsistent banana slices took so long my cereal would get mushy and who can eat that? The heat of a Texas summer began to take its toll without the proper amount of potassium and my declining caloric intake. One day I passed out while doing my morning chores. The horses, dog, cats and chickens did not get fed. They too started loosing weight. The chickens became so weak they could not outrun the fox or coyotes. A neighbor, noticing the flock of buzzards lining up at my gate reported me for animal cruelty. When the cops showed up they found me wasting away under a tree. One officer, being a kind, empathetic soul, slipped this banana slicer into my pocket - he understood my plight. My world changed forever. I could now eat my cereal lickety split. I started regaining my strength and electrolyte balance. I went to court and got my animals back. The horses now frolic. The cats are having litters with renewed vigor and the few hens that survived the fox and coyotes are hatching new chicks to replenish the flock.

  • sleeplesangel - Worth the $$

    I got this when it was on amazon's lightning deal for a really good price and I am beyond satisfied with the product. Easy to use and fun for people of all ages. Drawings are easy with my bamboo tablet but may be a little harder to use if you don't have one. My suggestion would be to buy one when this product is purchased. Happy with my purchase and cant wait to draw again.

  • Pasca "Pasca" - Was skeptical

    I ran the early release version and did not like it and had no intention of buying it, until I took a class and the instructor suggested we learn the elements under the hood. I decided to load it on an old Dell XPS machine with 4 megs of RAM. The first thing I noticed was its superior speed to Windows 7 Pro (which was my favorite). It runs faster on the XPS machine than my 6 meg laptop. The new way of getting around in the OS was easy to learn. I had the system down within two hours and wish I had purchased two or three more copies before the price went up. I admit my early prejudice. It is a better operating system to Windows 7 in that it utilizes system resources far better. There are too many improvements to list. I'm not a shill for Microsoft; I am willing to admit I was wrong.

  • A. Thomas "bas bleu" - In Tuscan Fields, by Lieutenant McCrae

    In Tuscan fields the milk doth flow
    Between the bossies, row on row,
    That mark our milks; and in the aisle
    The jugs, still bravely waiting, sigh
    Scarce heard amid the shops below.

    We are the Cows. Short days ago
    We milked, and squeezed, saw liquid flow,
    Milked and were milked, and now we lie,
    In Tuscan fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the supermarket:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The Tuscan milk; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with 128 ounces
    We shall not sleep, though milk doth flow
    In Tuscan fields.

  • Surface to Air Missle - Good but better for PC

    As someone who has used quickbooks on PC for a while, I agree with the other reviews that its still a lot better for the PC for said reasons already stated.

    For new users who run side businesses (like bloggers, etsy sellers, etc). Quickbooks is a pretty robust program that can help out in many of your accounting duties. The product description pretty much covers all the relevant features. My experience is that the program is a bit hard to use for those who haven't adopted many software applications outside of the Microsoft Office apps, but relatively easy for those used to learning new applications.