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  • Bimgirl "Amateur Artist" - Highly Recommend

    I bought this book because it got such great reviews from other people who'd bought it. They are all correct. It is an excellent way to re-focus your energy if you are suffering from burn out. It's easy to read (high on my list) and very inspiring. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels they have artistic yearnings but can't figure out how to get them going or simply maintain them.

  • Holly - It Works!

    I have fought chronic yeast infections for years and suspect I have intestinal yeast overgrowth. I have tried everything: caprylic acid, herbs, essential oils, probiotics, anti-candida diets, etc. The problem is I can never stick to any regime long enough for it to work. If I am not consistent or go away for a weekend, the yeast problems come back. Two years ago I was diagnosed via a blood test with food allergies to gluten and casein; I believe the yeast caused these allergies via leaky gut syndrome. I saw Threelac advertised a couple years ago but thought it was just another expensive, too good to be true "pill." Recently in desperation I googled a bunch of stuff about Fivelac and thought, well, what do I have to lose (other than $50?). My box arrived two weeks ago and I started right away with a therapeutic dose of two packets a day. I did not notice any "die off" effect, but I am taking psyllium fiber every day and drink 8-10 glasses of water so I think I must be flushing it out. The good news is, it's working, albeit slowly. I can tell my yeast is less, and this while I have been NOT so good on my diet. I drink coffee in the morning, wine with dinner at night, and although I try to avoid gluten and casein and sugar, I don't always succeed. Also at the same time I started this I discontinued all other herbal supplements, probiotics etc. to see if this alone would work. Time will tell, I plan to continue two packets a day indefinitely. What I love is it's so easy to take, it's NOT a pill, and tastes pleasant. I am about to go on a 10 day vacation and I will definitely pack these and take them with me. This is the first thing I have tried that is so easy to take that I haven't missed or forgotten to take a single dose. That alone may increase its effectiveness over any other "regime." I hate taking pills and having to remember to take stuff on an empty stomach. I just hope it keeps working!

  • Kristine - Bren'e Brown's CD's

    It was great listening to her while driving from here to there in my car. She makes some really good points using wonderful illustration within her personality and humor on how our past hurts and joys effect our interior in the present moment. Sometimes we just do not see ourselves from the day to day expression of who we are in all our relationships and in the understanding of ourselves. Brene's talks backed up by her research data are encouraging and challenging. They sort of position you to move forward and enable the work necessary for a good quality of life.

  • Phill Bryant - Easy to install

    Installed these on my 2012 CRV in less than 10 minutes. Very simple instructions and very durable materials. Purchased this at a fraction of the cost the dealership was attempting to charge me and seriously? $70 to have it installed? Pop a few screw covers and have an allen wrench or driver and 10 minutes later you're all set.

  • Samuel Ruddick - Consistently Smarter

    I have been reading the O. Henry Prize anthologies since about 2003, and have found that the selections are consistently smarter, more sophisticated, and more human than the work I see in other anthologies. If you want to get a feel for the best short fiction that's being published in the U.S. and Canada today, this is the book to buy.