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  • FlyingPolarBear - Best audiophile sound quality with this feature setCompared to other receivers in this price range, the Denon AVR-E400 has the best sound quality. Denon has long been known for its sound quality, and this model is no exception. The AVR-E400 has the full set of encoders (Dolby, THS, Audyssey) while the others skip a few encoders. The Audyssey implementation is outstanding. The closest competitor is the Onkyo TX-NR626, but the Onkyo sound processing quality is weak compared to the Denon.

    I don't care much about the other Internet features, because that's not the primary purposes of an A/V receiver if you're serious about great sound. The AVR-E400 has AirPlay, but it's better to use a separate AppleTV box for AirPlay so I don't see that as a big advantage. Some critics point to the lack of WiFi, but in my view it's much better to have a separate WiFi adapter, which would make it easier to keep up with the latest wireless technology that changes every 2 years. So that's not a disadvantage.

    If it's all about the sound quality, Denon is still by far the best choice.
  • Pen Name - Galaxy tab 2I am very happy with this tablet I use the internet, play games, read books, skype and it keeps up! I really enjoy it and given the chance I would recommend it to anyone!
  • Charles L. Denio - Very usefulThe SelectTech stand is very useful, and worth the price. The SelectTech 1090's can be used without the stand, but the stand puts them at the optimal height for lift-off of the base, particularly when lifting heavier...the wheels are also very convenient to be able to push the whole system out of the way when needed.
  • 43rpetty - Excellent storage for the price and Name Brand SeagateSeagate has always been a very dependable product and I needed something to store my music and pictures on as a backup. It has not only done that, but it is still working without any issues. I love the data rate using my 3.0 USB port and it is very quiet and doesn't get too hot when left running.
    I WILL purchase Seagate in the future!!!