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  • marckr - Good sound for this price range

    I have been using this device for a day now. Bought it for the kitchen to complete my Airplay setup through the whole home. The sound quality is beyond my expectation given the price (USD109). After reading some of the reviews I had prepared for a painful setup, but it was actually quite easy and I had it up and running in 2 mins.

    In my living room I have my Apple TV 2 connected to my hifi set through a DAC. I use the Airplay as the most common day-to-day source for my music (and only switch back to CD's when audio quality needs to be higher). I have been using Airplay (or Airtunes as it was called before) since 2005. The main problem of the technology has always been the dropping of stream. My Apple TV drops way too frequent (for now I keep my wifi signal responsible), but the Philips device does not drop at all when connected with my iPhone 4 using iOS 5. It does drop a bit when I control the volume when connected with my iPad using iOS 6. To me this seems related to the Apple devices. All devices are connected to the same Wifi AP.

    In short, good:
    - Good sound
    - Easy setup
    - Airplay connection within expectation
    - USB charging and playing from USB works fine
    - Direct analogue input works fine
    In short, not so good:
    - Could not find app to control the equalizer, perhaps does not exist in all App stores
    - External power source is larger than average

  • Casey - highly recommended!!

    This stuff is awesome! I have been dealing with yeast/BV infections for the last few months, and it's become unbearable. My gyno gives me antibiotics for the BV and they do work, but then I get a yeast infection, and then a week later, I've got BV again. I have a healthy sexual life, and this is totally getting in the way!

    I tried every treatment: changed my diet, yogurt, ACV, hydrogen-peroxide bath, acedophillus capsules, you name it...

    This stuff was awesome, though pricey. I finished my first bottle a few days ago, and am so broke I can't buy another one until next week. I've already noticed a difference after going off the pills - same symptoms as before. While I was on it, though, no odor, no discharge, no pain, NOTHING! AWESOME!

    Can't wait til payday! Also, the Rephresh gel inserts work wonders too if you need to get rid of odor really quickly for a temporary fix.

  • Mr. Christopher Pires "Chris Pires" - Practical Job hunting advice

    With so many job hunting books focused on things that don't matter like Resume writing and Cover letting writing. What Color is your parachute is one of the few books giving you practical advice that will work in this economy. I first picked up what Color is your parachute in 2004, after sending out a thousand resumes and not getting a single interview. Using the statistics in the begging of the book, I realized what I was doing was a waste of time. I changed my approach to speaking with real people and doing informational interviews. It wasn't long before I convinced a company to create a job just for me.

    Chris Pires - Author of "Shred Your Resume and Find a job"

    Shred Your Resume and Find a Job

  • L. Lazaro - A Lifesaver

    I really couldn't be more grateful to this book than I am today! Just this morning, I was tending to the yard when suddenly this huge ship came out of nowhere! Luckily, I knew just what to do thanks to 'How To Avoid Huge Ships.' Not only did I avoid that huge ship, but my azaleas survived the encounter as well! Thank you John Trimmer for helping us all become aware and prepared for any huge ship that comes our way!

  • Chef Mommy - Baby loves it!

    My little girl is 2 months and loves to kick the keyboard with this gym. She is still too young to play with the hanging toys but she loves to kick and kick the keyboard. She also likes the mirror and makes faces at herself. This product is great quality, I just wish the mat part was more padded, I have her on a duvet to add softness for her head.