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  • Don H. - Its' about time the REAL record on race got out!

    I've read many of Ann's books, and have enjoyed them all. Her accurate telling of the Republican record on civil rights and race relations is a breath of fresh air. The Democrat party's need to perpetuate discord between the races and be the "hero" for blacks has been well documented by many. But Ann's book is just as much about the Republican "good guys," and that is the "fresh air" I speak of. Today, the party of Lincoln needs to celebrate all of the brave CONSERVATIVE black Republicans who are proclaiming and championing our INDIVIDUAL rights as Americans! Lovers of freedom come in all colors, and are welcome in the Republican party!!! I highly recommend this book. And by the way, I'm a 61 year old white man who grew up (and still live) in the south, and I know far more folks who think like Ann than those who think like Jessie or Al. A big shout out to Thomas Sowell (while I'm thinking about it!).

  • Terri Moore - Align Product

    A great product. The Doctor told us this was the only tested probiotic that had proven results. My daughter has been using it for 2 months now and it had in deed helped. We will continue to use it. We are happy with the product and Amazon for getting it to us quickly! Amazon also had the best price offered.

  • Merrie - Seems like someone organized a mass downrating

    Anyone can see the downrating of Spore is due to some sort of organized group from a forum. Hey guys, we hate EA and we hate DRM so lets go downrate a game that we havent' even played yet.

    I played, I loved it and there is no reason not to buy and it and have fun. I gave it 5 stars.

  • S. Fox - A necessity for every home bookshelf

    It takes a little practice to learn where to find information in this book, but this is probably the best home reference source available. The information in this book ranges from the significant (who won Wisconsin in the last Presidential election?) to the quirky (What is the length of the Statue of Liberty's nose?). I am a librarian and I buy this book every year; I never know when my kids will need a strange question answered!