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  • Billie Twitchell - great read for anyone who loves a story about how loves can change a person

    this is the first in the series of books and introduces you to ana and christen. christen is slowly being changed by ana, especially with the "vanilla" sex. fifty shades come into the book because christen considers himself fifty shades of f***ed up. christen is used to getting his way when he is interested in a "relationship" he is very clinical in all his "relationships" and makes all his subs sign a contract. he tells them what to eat to stay healthy, they must work out with a trainer, and must stay in top shape to be able to keep up with his sexual preverences. ana changes all. that she doesnt want to sign anything but christen still wants her and agrees to a "vanilla" relationship. this is just the begining of a great series of books. if you look past the graphic sex and see the heart of the story which of how a damaged man can be transformed by love and who learns to love in return.

  • Tina - Completely satisfied

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