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  • Kristine - Fast Paced Edge of your Seat kind of ReadAfter completing book one, Divergent, it was no question in my mind that I would also read book two, Insurgent. Book one was an action packed race to the finish for me and book two did not disappoint in the least. Insurgent by Veronica Roth is a definite FIVE STAR read.
    Insurgent starts off right where Divergent left off. With Tris on a train headed to Amity Headquarters, where her chosen faction is not entirely welcomed. With her choices dwindling and the conflicts rising, Tris has few options to consider on her quest to save humanity. Let me just say that Tris is one bad ass chick. She faces dilemma's that no sixteen year old should ever have to face and even though her demise is inches away on multiple occasions she always finds a way to pull through. With the Erudite threat and not many left to trust, Tris and Four have monstrous decisions to make for the greater good, or what they believe the greater good is.
    "The truth has a way of changing a person's plans.
    But it is difficult to persuade Tobias to do something he doesn't want to do, and even more difficult to justify my feelings with no evidence except my intuition.
    So I agree. But I do not change my mind."
    This book will take you on an emotional journey. You'll find laughter, sadness, and shocking suspenseful moments around every corner of this story.
    "When I get back to my bedroom, Peter is standing next to my bed.
    Instinct makes me straighten up and search the room for a blunt object."
    Tris challenges everything, everyone, and challenges even herself. She has attitude and makes this story what it is. Without Tris, the book would be nothing. The character is extremely well developed and incredibly believable. You will be devouring this book and eating up every obstacle and challenge that she faces.
    "'You'll have to do better than that,' I say to Jeanine."
    Readers who enjoy young adult dystopia novels have to read this series. I would not suggest starting at book two because a lot of the character development and plot development is set in book one. Trust me, it is worth the three book series. Happy Reading.

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  • Cathy Melton - It Works for MeI was skeptical. I've tried many things. I ordered one bottle and took as directed. I was surprised. Typically, nothing works. No appetite suppressant, even the side effects of prescription meds, don't work for me. This did. I have re-ordered and will continue to use.
  • Chen, Amy L - Beautifully doneI was fully prepared to be let down given how impossible it is not to compare this to "Wolf Hall." Within a chapter or two, my worries were laid aside. This book is just as great as its predecessor. The prose was lush, the story beautifully told, and the continuing arc of Thomas Cromwell rendered in extraordinary detail. What is truly transfixing about these novels comes in two parts: the language and the detail. Never do you feel invention though you know it must be there. I'd rather believe that Mantel was simply there for all of it or uncovered some trove of records that listed the every breath of the vast array of characters here. The book is simply thrilling. Can't wait for the third.