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  • Dana P. Krieger "dk" - great high level branding introduction

    This book provides a great introduction to branding concepts and strategies. It includes very succinct, actionable points to evaluate your current position in the market or shape a new brand from the ground up.

    It is a self-described quick read for a 2-4 hr plane ride. This is perfect for a high level introduction, but if you want an all-encompassing text on marketing history, practices, and strategies look elsewhere.

  • Nicole Dokonal - Apple beware

    As my 15" Macbook slowly degrades its performance after nearly 4 1/2 years, I found myself looking around for a replacement.
    I looked at other laptop options and said "Eh- too ghastly expensive for simple computer work."
    So I looked around at the tablets and searched and searched, and found this wonderful tablet: the price range was decent, the reviews seemed promising. However I was not sold immediently. I wanted to view all the options from the popular ipad to the Acer tablet.
    No product is 'perfect' even the ipad had issues (the GPS). At any rate, the price
    of the ipad looked too scary to buy despite its stunning advance retina display. As for me, I could care less about the screen.
    Now, this product had me sold. Since I found I liked the idea of a powerful tablet that could turn into a laptop (notebook), I choose this over the rest of the tablets out there.
    When this device arrived, I fell in love with it.
    Despite its weak wifi range- it works great. Especially when I attach the docking station (the battery life of docking station was the main reason why I purchased this tablet.) the life of the tablet exceeds most tablets.
    The gaming is decent (I'm not so much of a gamer) from the games I choose to play.
    Typing on this tablet is good, but add the docking station, its even better.
    Overall I am happy of this purchase, considering it can read most files that I use; Excel and Word documents.
    Why you should purchase this product:
    Computer work, if your on the go people that need devices that last long (up to 12+ hrs), needs work done in documents, and like toplay games occasionally when on the go.