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  • Camille H - Upgraded from Pro 2010

    I'm very happy with this product. I purchased an extra seat so four people can use it at once and it was a breeze to install on our newer computers all running Windows 7. It was also super easy to register, except for the fourth license because I ignored what I was told on the phone by the person that was helping me. Once I called back and followed their instructions it was fine. I always leave my version up and running, although the other users only log on when they need to use it and none of us have had any problems in the month since I purchased it. I like the new features and am glad I upgraded. We were running into some bugs with 2010 that aren't present in 2012. The program fits well with our needs and this was our third time upgrading to a newer version. The software improvements aren't worth upgrading each year, but every few years, so we should be set until 2014 or 2015.

  • A. Brucato "Animal lover" - Align helps me!

    I have had digestive problems for a few years and while some prescription drugs are helpful, I didn't want to continue using them because of cost, etc. I started on Align and this product helped immediately. The Amazon price was much less than local drug stores so I will continue to order this product from Amazon. Excellent delivery service as well. Thank you Amazon.