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  • Christopher Kordas - Ann is Brilliant and liberals are cry babies!As usual Ann has done a remarkable job of exposing liberals and their ridiculous arguments for what they truly are ~ sour grapes. Thanks to outlets like FoxNews and brilliant pundits like Ann Coulter, Laure Ingram, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, more and more people are smartening up.

    In this book Ann exposes the propaganda that the liberal media has been pumping out like raw sewerage for the past few decades and how liberals are using the courts to push their agenda through because they know they can't win if they were to simply let the people vote.

    Ann's brash in your face style is not for everyone but if you want to know the truth and want to hear the facts ,then pick up a copy of this gem.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to all.
  • - Ideal for IBS too!The problem with IBS is that we never seem to get a straight diagnosis or treatment. This book will help you make sense of why you are having problems and what you can do to get rid of those problems!!!!!! I felt better within weeks; following this diet has gotten rid of problems that medications couldn't touch. i had eliminated so much from my diet before SCD, and it seemed like more and more foods kept getting added to my "do not eat" list. Lots of these were vegetables, high calcium and vitamin sources!!! Now i live grain free and I am starting to eat many of those green vegetables with no trouble. LOVE THIS LIFE!!!!!!!
  • betc2 - Give it a chanceFor something that started off so slow, the various stories built to create a wonderful inner connectivity. I loved the characters and especially the backdrop of the over-blown production of "Cleopatra," with its many ironic connections to the plot of "Beautiful Ruins." This is like so many books that are collections of stories which work together creating a novel, with its various texts woven into the mix. I completely enjoyed moving from one context to another in this intricately penned work.
  • MB "MB" - Goes great with a stick in a box!My wife and I share the same birthday, so we always like to exchange gifts like a mini-Christmas. I got her my stick in a box. It wasn't really a stick. I can't say what it really was, but I think you know. Anyway, when I unwrapped the binders of women I was a little worried it would turn into an O. Henry story with the two gifts canceling each other out. Oh Nelly, let me tell you, a binder of women, a stick in a box, 3 rings, and a 2 inch EZ turn ring is perfect! Did I mention EZ-turn ring??!!! UPDATE: the EZ Turn ring turned out to cause problems. If you do get it, I advise also getting this: 3Pc Nurse Outfit With Stethoscope And Head Piece
  • Professor Thomas R. W. Longstaff "Tom" - Buy Quicken from AmazonQuicken Deluxe 2011I have been using Quicken for many years and am very happy with it. I update to the new version every 3 years and find that important because the new features are helpful and having a relatively recent version is important for connection to financial institutions.

    Every time a new version comes out I get a disk from Quicken offering me a special deal to update to the new version at a discounted price. So far I have always found that I can order the same product new from Amazon (not an upgrade disk) and at a lower cost than Quicken's special discount for faithful customers. Buyer beware and buy this one from Amazon.