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  • DDivine - Excellent Information - User Friendly PresentationI had NEVER had a problem with weight, managing my weight, or having to watch my weight until I hit a "milestone" birthday. Even though my healthy eating and healthy" living" habits had not changed, the hips started to expand. . .and seemingly it happened overnight ! I wasn't overweight, I was just weighting more than I wanted and more than I was accustomed to being.

    A health professional mentioned that the sudden change in weight could be a change in my metabolism . As I searched feverishly for information, I came across some information about Haylie Pomroy and the fact that she has been in the business of "weight management" for years. I have found Pomroy's information and recommendations just awesome. I see why her clientel, sing her praises!

    From Pomroy, I learned that some of the foods I once thought were healthy for me, were actually the culprits in slowing my metabolism. Pomroy provided alternatives and my immediate changes have started to show results, a couple of weeks later.
  • TOPAZ1100 - great little bookI used it all the time in 1st semester of nursing school and I use it now in 2nd along with the fact that it's so little I also take it to clinical. I see other people taking their huge drug books to clinical and this one is sooo convenient and has good drug info in it.