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  • M. Foley - Works Great!

    I suffered with cold sores my entire life. The products have improved over the years, but this is the best i have used. It does take two doses, one each day to really knock it out. I live in Houston and first bought this at Target. Then went back for more (as my daughter also gets them) and they were out. I tried 3 other stores and not one had it. So I ordered from Amazon and stocked up.

  • Andi T. - All the bits and pieces I need for peace of mind...

    Let's just say I've read a few pregnancy books before, and I really can not say this loudly enough: This is the BEST one that I have read so far. Sure, Emily Oster is an economist and yeah, that means that she didn't go to medical school. But! She's clearly incredibly intelligent and she's a mom, so she's been there, and she doesn't tell you what to do. She simply goes over the research behind the recommendations she heard from her doctors and gives you the information you need to make an informed choice. That's what economists do these days (forget about Wall Street - that's a different type of economics). They pull information from random bits of data and put it together to try to make sense of this crazy world. They know what types of research are reliable and which ones should be taken with a grain (or ten) of salt. And man, the world of pregnant ladies sure could use a lot less crazy! Emily Oster tackles an incredibly emotionally charged subject with wit and charm, and manages to tell a great story in the meantime. I might not do all the things that the data indicates is okay to do while pregnant, but armed with Expecting Better, I sure can make an informed choice about the things that are important to me.

    And a side note about all the negative reviews here - as has been said before, many of them did not read the book and are merely writing reviews about what they've seen in the media or on certain websites. If you actually read the book, you'll find that the stance on alcohol while pregnant is very clear and supported by solid research. She also explains the difference between saying 'no amount of alcohol has been proven safe' and the idea that a glass or two of wine during your pregnancy is not going to be harmful. Want to know what she said? Buy a copy of the book and read it yourself! You won't be sorry!

  • Jamie Bergwick "jamieb" - reborn kindle

    My daughter will not leave my kindle alone. I am so thrilled I had the option to get this one for 70.00 for Christmas. An affordable option and I added it to my amazon account so I could load all the apps she loves from mine. I am so thrilled. the battery life is good and everything works perfectly.