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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • RebeccaLestelle - A New Approach To Romance

    Joshua Harris's book I Kissed Dating Goodbye is by far the greatest book on "dating" I have ever read. I am in the middle of a difficult relationship situation and his book has helped me tremendously. His book sparked ideas and concepts within me about romance that I couldn't quite put into words before. I have always been a very conservative individual when it comes to relationships, and I found I could relate to his book quite well. The way Joshua worded his chapters spoke to my heart, and I believe he has helped me to find myself again in the context of love and how all of that fits into God's word. Great writing and a true word from God!

  • L. Heald - Gift for 3rd year medical student

    I gave this to my daughter who is a 3rd year medical student. It was recommended by my friend who is a pediatric pharmacist. Very good resource- easy to understand.

  • Geumhwa - Cute outfit. Well made. Easy to install.

    I've bought two of these reindeer outfit last Christmas and I plan to use them this year as well. They hold well on my car. The instruction does suggest not using it when traveling on highways. Often times I only go local, so I've never had any speed problem or lost antlers.

    It's very easy to install as well. For the antlers, all I need to do is to place them on the window edges and for the nose I need to wire it on front logo.

    On my Honda Accord coupe, the antlers would get loosen sometimes when I open the windows for pickups, so I need to pay extra attention when doing so. Yet that's mainly because there're only two doors so I don't have other choices to mount the antlers. If the vehicle is a 4 door, then I'd recommend mount the antlers on rear windows and avoid front windows which need to be open more often. That's what I did with my hubby's 4 door car and it still looks very cute.

    I think they are made of sturdy materials and do resist water well. Sometimes they got soaked in heavy rains, but didn't lose shapes and dried up well. Overall, I'm enjoying the outfit so much and would recommend it to anyone.