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  • Sandy - Moving the Freaky LineSo, I have a funny story to tell based on this book (which is fabulous and well worth it.)

    I had just finished Age of Context last week and had my first experience with crossing the freaky line of personal contextual assistants a day or so later.

    I was finishing up some work in the afternoon when the alert on my phone went off. I picked it up to check the alert and it was a message that I needed to leave by 2:42 pm to be on time for my 3 pm haircut appointment.

    I had never loaded that appointment into the calendar.
    (Cue Twilight Zone theme here..)

    As I sat giving the phone a long side-eye it occurred to me that I had activated Google Now after having read about it in Age of Context and Google Now must have flagged the salon's confirmation email in my Gmail account with the date, time, and address for my appointment.Then calculated the travel time to the salon from my present location and warned me I needed to leave soon.

    As freaky slowly began to turn into delight, I thought to myself "Ohhhh, this is cool. Privacy, pfft. We barely knew ye."

    My freaky line has now moved considerably. Bring it on.
  • L. Felts "True Tarheel" - Love this product!I've had cold sores all my life and tried all kinds of medicines, even prescription. I received a free sample of this in the mail to try. I had not tried this before simply because I didn't believe a medicine could cure my cold sore with just one application. Unlike Abreva, this medicine doesn't dry your sore out or need constant reapplication. Although it's a bit pricey, when you consider the fact your cold sore will be gone most likely by the next day, it's money we'll spent. Orajel, you've got me hooked.
  • Jean R. Sparkes - Santana does it againI could say WOW! twenty times, but there are not enough words to describe how much we enjoy this dvd. It is classic Santana and also futuristic Santana. It amazes me that he doesn't rest on his established sound, but continues to grow and experiment. Makes me want to travel to Montreaux for the jazz festival. We will enjoy this dvd for a long time.
  • Steve Williams - The Apple I pad mini is excellent.The apple ipad mini has so far surpassed by expectation. The battery life is excellent, it has a 5 mp rear camera that takes great photos. There are a lot of apps which you can get for free and some must have ones that needs to be purchased. The ipad mini is exteremly user friendly, you dont have to be a computer savy person to enjoy this magnificient piece of engineering. It is very portable, with its light weight. It has most of the capabilities as the larger ipads. I recommend this product to anyone who wants even more flexability with movement.
  • homer - Beautiful and UsefulAs fans of Downton Abbey, we were happy to see a 2013 engagement calendar featuring the popular series. The photos and quotes are great; the calendar format is the type of week-at-a-glance we like; the calendar numbers and print are nice and large. We were pleased it is a spiral bound book, which was not depicted in the ad. We will enjoy this calendar througout the coming year.