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  • Angela Anderson - An exciting adventure with a Sherlock Holmes twist!This book is a must read for those who are familiar with the classic, and those who are new to the story line who enjoy a suspenseful read with a great plot. This book reenacts a classic in a fun and easy read that is sure certain to entertain readers across the board. Sherlock Holmes offers the a realistic and believable set of characters that the reader creates a bond with-I couldn't wait to turn the page and see what was going to happen to poor Edmond next!
    Be prepared, you won't be able to put it down!
  • sleeplesangel - Worth the $$I got this when it was on amazon's lightning deal for a really good price and I am beyond satisfied with the product. Easy to use and fun for people of all ages. Drawings are easy with my bamboo tablet but may be a little harder to use if you don't have one. My suggestion would be to buy one when this product is purchased. Happy with my purchase and cant wait to draw again.
  • seemar - MyMath LabIn the last semester I had bought My math lab code online instantly which costed me 20 dolllars more than I ordered the code. It came in 3-4 days,not at all bad. The first week of class is most of the time intro, the actual lesson starts in second week and so you can get it by then. The code was sealed and it worked fine.Thanks to Amazon.
  • Danny "danny" - 1 week= 8 poundsBesides the bad reviews about the kindle edition I bought the kindle edition and it works just fine on my mini ipad. and I'm so happy that i did. I lost 8 pounds in the first 6 days. I'm on my second week starting my phase 3 and I already lost 10 pounds. Phase 1 and 3 are awesome the recipes are very good. Phase 2 is very hard but it only last 2 days. So far I love the diet and the results. My skin looks awesome and I have lots of energy. I'll give another review after I finish the program because! Just a quick tip if you are deciding if you should buy the book and follow the program, always look for reviews from verified purchase buyer. I'm one and I totally recommend!! :-))
  • Stephanie Wagner - Favorite carseat ever!The color took a bit to get used to. It's kind of like a very BIG lifejacket. VERY orange! VERY VERY orange! But, once you get over that, it's such a nice carseat! It's very easy to latch, loosen/tighten, and move. Easy to attach to the included base, and the base is very easy to install with Latch system or seatbelt. As comfortable as it can be to carry (obviously, the heavier the baby, the less comfy these become!). Compared to seats we had previously w/ other kids, this is definitely my favorite for a variety of reasons. The ONLY downside to it is that it has been used "almost" 3 months now & is filthy. I've read you aren't supposed to wash the padding on a carseat due to fire retardancy chemicals that are on them (Not sure if that's true, but we haven't washed it because of this). Spot cleaning has done no good. I can imagine that in another 9 months, it's going to be black instead of orange at this rate! haha