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  • Strosey222 - Extremely Effective

    I waited for three weeks to review this product because I wanted to be sure that it actually works. And it does. I am a teacher and as soon as I stepped in front of my class each day I would begin to sweat--not because I was nervous or hot or for any particular reason that I could detect (except that perhaps my body hates me). I had all but stopped wearing shirts on which sweat rings were visible. I fully did not expect this product to work. I have tried other prescription strength anti-perspirants and clothing shields to no avail. To say that I have been very happy with the results of this product is a gross understatement. After using the Sweat Block as directed, I have not noticed anything but the faintest dampness under my arms at any point in the day. I did a 10 mile bike ride, mowed my lawn, weeded my flower beds, and most importantly experienced a stressful day at work and still no disgusting,embarrassing sweat rings!

  • arthur kaell - as thankful as the others

    Let me add one more praiseful review.

    Our child was diagnosed with Crohns at the age of 12. He quickly developed severe symptoms, and underwent a number of treatments and a number of hospitalizations. Surgery seemed imminent. Associated with this history were different dietary and feeding regimes (tpn and naso-gastric feeding, for example). During one hospitalization, which lasted about 3 months, I found time to read this book which a friend had given me some months earlier. It was an absolute revelation. It seemed to provide an exact explanation for patterns and timing of symptoms which were simply inexplicable in the context of any discussion with doctors.

    One example, and there were several others: The standard advice given by doctors with regard to nutrition and Crohns seems to focus almost exclusively on the physical process of food passing through the bowel, rather than causality. That is, if the bowel is constricted by inflammation, roughage should be avoided. On such a diet -- which in practice was heavy on processed food, starches and sugar -- several symptoms of our child's intestinal distress visibly increased, though drugs -- objectionable for other reasons -- controlled the inflammation.

    Our child (who is now 14) has had the discipline to stay on this diet for close to a year, though many of his favourite foods were eliminated. Since starting it he has never had a relapse of the disease, or the intestinal symptoms associated with it. This has been essentially without drugs. This very much contradicted the predictions of doctors who were urging the continued use of powerful drugs. I might add that his observance has not been absolutely religious. Very occasionally for social or simply for personal reasons he briefly departs from the diet. In his case this seemingly has no ill effect, contrary to the tone of the book and several of the reviews.

    I think that we owe a great measure of thanks to Elaine Gottschall.

  • Patricia "A Reader" - N E E D E D......T E S T I N G.....K I T.... ?????

    Bernie-Madoff-in-training will wonder. "Will my kid REALLY do what I ask?" asks the trusting mother or father -- also known, (though very, very secretly), to many children as "Prince" or "Princess Mischkin", (aka: the idiots). Up until now, however, it has always been an "iffy" proposition for both sides. Sometimes the "other side", (parents and/or children), will do as is desired -- but the very next time.....disaster! This new, spiffy, long-needed "Parent Child Testing Product", solves the problem of "will-they-or-won't-they-do-as-I-want-them-to", simply, easily, and scientifically!

    The first step to using this product is to buy it SECRETLY. This might be easier for most parents to do than for most children to do -- but, since it is endlessly re-usable, it is possible for a whole bunch -- or gang -- of neighbourhood kids to buy it together, then toss a coin, (or some dice), to see who gets to use it first, second, third, fourth, etc. However, it is SO expensive, even this might not work, and, come to think of it, even most parents might find it difficult to afford. There are two solutions to this problem: 1) Use the convenient, but experimental "generations" plan, wherein you specify that all of your descendants will pay a set portion of the price, each year, throughout every generation, until the price is paid. Actually, in developing countries, this practice is REALLY often in use -- though not to purchase this product. If, say, a traditonal, expensive wedding is too expensive for the bride's family, a "generations-payment" may be set up with the wedding provider. This is a (very sadly TRUE), practice known as "debt-slavery". 2) The little red image that comes with this kit is far more than a little red image that comes with this kit. Besides using it as part of the kit, (directions to follow), it is ALSO a direct line to -- well, he has many names......Mr. Spitfoot, that Horned Guy....well, you get the idea. Just rub the little red image in the OPPOSITE direction to that which is required to use the kit, (directions to follow), and HE will appear. A pen and paper are NOT required -- because HE will happily, (nay, joyously), and conveniently provide them for you. All that is needed is your signature, and the kit is yours, and......well, you-know-what is His. Is this worth it? Read on and decide.

    Anyway, after you have purchased this kit, HIDE the little red image somewhere in the bedroom, where your parent, (if you are a child), or your child, (if you are a parent), cannot possibly detect it. After the child, (or parent), has fallen asleep, the parent, (or child), must go, (very quietly), into the bedroom, without awakening the sleeping person in the bed. Then, taking the little red image in one's hand, go into another room, and place the little red image on a table. Whilst rubbing the image, all the way around,and from bottom to top, (clockwise, if you are naturally left-handed, or counter-clockwise, if you are naturally right-handed... NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE AMBIDEXTROUS, AND CAN USE BOTH HANDS EQUALLY FOR ALL THINGS), repeat the following phrase thirteen times:


    (It's a long phrase-- but easily broken up into syllables, and soon you'll be repeating it easily...perhaps, all TOO easily....)

    Anyway, after repeating the above easily-remembered phase thirteen times, (count on your fingers to make sure you say it the correct number of times), say the powerful, feared, but magical word:

    just once -- but loudly, quickly and clearly. (This phrase has been chosen because the little red image DOES look a BIT like an angry IRS agent -- especially one from the great state of Texas). If the person, (child or parent), will do your, (parent's or child's), bidding next time, the image will stay as it is. If they will NOT do your bidding, the image will glow a sickly green, and more ceremonies must be performed, (see instruction book for these further ceremonies. Note: the ceremonies get more difficult, and more gruesome, with each "NO" answer, so use with caution.) If you want a quicker, less gruesome, (but a bit more dangerous), method of changing the sleeping-in-the-next-room-and-blissfully-unaware-of-your-shennanigans-person's mind from "no" to "yes", follow the further directions below.....

    Take the little red image, and hold it in both hands by the pretty golden horns, and go, as silently as you can, prancing around the outside perimeter of the room which is NOT the bedroom -- that is, the room in which you are now in. Keep prancing until strange sounds come from the bedroom -- sounds that sound as if they come from another century. What is happening, at this point, is that the bedroom -- AND the person inside it, (child or parent), IS in another century. They are fully awake, and they are NOT happy. For -- in whatever century they find themselves to be -- they have now been transformed into the most degraded of all work-slaves. (Note: if they have been transported to the twentieth or twenty-first century, they will find themselves seated at the end of the line, on April 14th of whatever year, in an IRS office....) Unless the user of the "Parent-Child Test Kit" has seen a movie the night before, depicting slavery in any particular era, the user of this kit will NOT know to what century, and into what slavery, the test-person, (child or parent), has been sent -- but the second picture, accompanying this item's description, here on Amazon, gives a perfunctory idea of what will happen. The test-person, (parent or child), will STAY in this exhausting and humiliating slave-state, until he or she comes to realize that, "Yes, I WILL give my adorable little Bernie-Madoff-in-training what he or she wants", or, "Yes, I WILL obey my Caligula/Messalina daddy and/or mommy, because they are older than me, and they ALWAYS know what's right." The user of this kit will know it has worked when the sounds of the previous century, (whatever it is), disappear, and the closed bedroom is silent once again. (Oh -- did I mention the bedroom door MUST be closed?)

    Using this kit can obviously have side effects, (too numerous, too long-lasting, and too gruesome to mention here) -- so it was very, very wise of Amazon to state: DO NOT BUY on the page of this item.

    Actually, buying this item is not only dangerous and expensive -- it is also TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! Because parents and children should NOT be enemies! They should realize that, as a family, they can act TOGETHER, to make each other's lives better. It's the OUTSIDE WORLD which, all too often, (but not always, either), which is the enemy. Parents and children are, after all, individuals. My dad once said, (with surprise and shock), that I was smarter than he was. Maybe -- but he was wiser. And I told him so. What's the difference? Being "smart" means you can cross a busy street, safely, even if the lights are against you. Being "wise" means realizing that there are better ways to prove you can do things, and that one day, a drunk driver may come through --upsetting your best efforts, (and talents), and putting you in the hospital, even so. Wisdom beats smartness, every time.

    In these days when it seems "smart" for children to leave home after age 16, it isn't always wise. Each situation is different, and should be considered very carefully. Athina Onassis, who, as Aristotle Onassis's sole heir, could have lived anywhere in the world, chose to live with her father and step-siblings, until she got married. So did Alex Trebeck, host of TV's "Jeapordy" quiz-show, (who lived with his mother till his marriage). They, and others like them, (including my own cousin -- a school counsellor and union executive) -- do so because they just happen to be lucky enough to like the people they are most closely related to. The Kennedys, (and many other rich people), live near all of their relatives, in separate houses, but on the same estates. (RICH!) Arab families often do the same.

    In family unity and harmony, there is strength. As the song goes: "People-- United-- Can Never Be Defeated". Love is a very REAL force in the world, after all. When children understand that, however much their parents love them, that their parents just can't buy them EVERYTHING they want, and when parents, however much good they want for their children, realize that their children are, after all, separate people, with separate aims and desires, and ways of doing things -- infighting between parents and children will stop! And then, the strength that comes from love, and survives on love, will make better lives for both children and parents. And -- if this happens the world over -- for the entire world, as well! : )

  • jade19721 "jade19721" - Scary because it could happen

    This is one heck of a depressing read, but not so depressing that you can't finish or don't want. The book is set in what would be post destruction of earth. A man and his son, whose names we never learn, are walking the roads just trying to survive in a world where everything has been burned. Not many people are left and those that are left will do most anything to get something to eat. Some have taken to eating humans just to survive. Food is scarce and what they do find is not the best. To me this scenario is scarier than any ghost, goblin, vampire, zombie, or werewolf could ever dream of being.

  • MzJaxxon - The Perfect Pen for Real Women

    The flame of this pen is only for the women -
    How unlucky are the men;

    To feel the Bic glide across an even fairer skin
    In silky slide.

    This is truly a treasure, no other can match it...ever.

    And I compose this verse...with the Cristal from my purse, to better, from worse.

    Chaka Khan. Let me rock you Chaka Khan.

    Periwinkle clouds in Autumn. Eternal.