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  • Kelly "Cat lover" - Perfect for apartment life

    My husband has moved 600 miles to a different state for his new awesome job. The kids & I will follow once we finish the semester & get the house sold. While we're waiting for that, he's living in an apartment & missed some of his grilled favorites. So I did a little research & suggested this grill to him since he cannot have a charcoal grill on his patio. He picked up the grill in a dark gray at a store near him.

    We were skeptical at first, but the Char-Broil electric patio grill has been exactly what he needed. Yes, he does miss the particular flavor that a charcoal grill gives, but otherwise this grill has been fantastic. I assembled it myself when I visited back in September. It was a piece of cake to put together. We grilled marinated chicken breasts that night, it was so delicious. Cleanup was a breeze. Since then, my husband tells me he has grilled more chicken, steak, pork loin, and even lobster tails & shrimp. One thing he made sure to check on, there has been no noticeable difference in his electric bills. He was concerned when he bought the grill but the bill remains the same.

    At first, we thought we'd probably buy another charcoal grill when we buy a house in the new location. But after using the electric grill on multiple locations, we're going to continue to use it instead. Everything tastes just as great, clean up is so simple, and I'll be likely to grill more often because it's easier for me to use than charcoal. So I would definitely recommend this grill.

  • VeganAuD - Not feeling hungrey

    I have been usuing the tablets and decided to try the liquid. The reviews were great. I received the product on Thursday and started using it immedicatly with reduced appetite. I decided to go back and order a bottle for my daughter and was surprised that the price jumped 100%. Oh my!!!!!
    Hopefully, I will see continued results. I still have my bottle of tablets to finish so I am not in a ruch to purchase mre, but 100% jump in price. WOW!!!

  • O. Young "teletomp" - Roof Rack:Easily installed, good value

    The positive reviews accurately convey the quality and ease of installation of this rack. It got shipped quickly, and when I examined it found it to be a good quality rack. The directions were very good; they looked like they were Honda originals. I was able to install it in less than an hour. The most important setup procedure is to put it together to make sure it is correct; the left and right sides are marked on both the metal braces and on the rubber gaskets. The arms are shaped like airplane wings for smoother air flow and the rubber anti-skid piece is on top. The narrower edge should face forward. It is essential to use one of the installation nuts to remove the paint which is on the studs that protrude upwards from the car body. I did this to all studs before trying to install the rack. Cross threading the studs will ruin the installation. If you are unsure of how to avoid cross threading you might want to have someone do this for you or look at for the technique, it is easy to do.

  • Sarina - First Time Mom

    We have had the car seat for about 2 months now and I very happy with same. It is sturdy and very comfortable because of the cushioning (some of the other car seats we were looking at were very firm).

    What we love most is the size of same. We have a smaller car (mazda 3) and it fits perfectly. Not too bulky and easy toget our son in and out. We are still able to have 2 other passengers in the back seat.