Health and Drug Information, Use , Side Effects and Interactions - Pharmacy Book - Pharmacy Book provides Comprehensive Drug information, including general drug use , use during pregnancy, dosage, known side effects , interactions with other medicines , food and liquid.

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  • Marcella James - Worth The Read!!!

    This is the first book I have ever read by a man that made complete sense in a non-threatening way! I discovered Matthew Hussey on a blog I frequent called Beyond Black and White. He was doing a coaching/interview with the blogger who also happens to be a friend. Listening to his interaction with her made me purchase this book. I was not disappointed! This book has given me several suggestions on ways to change my interactions with people and hopefully "Get the Guy". Thank you, Matthew!

  • BEB - Align really works

    I bought this for my 88 year old mother-in-law. She has been having a lot of digestive problems and her doctor recommended this. After only one week she noticed a big improvement. She hasn't had any "tummy troubles" since she started taking this.

  • phyllis - Great hose

    So far have purchased 4 of these for myself and family members. One exploded, but Amazon sent a prepaid label to return.
    This hose is great. Can put in flowerpot, can drag around garden without tearing up plants, doesn't kink. Will buy another. Don't care if it only lasts a season--it is worth it.

  • Timothy D. Brady "The Trucking Business Writer" - QiuckBooks is my Cash -flow generator.

    Quick books is without question the best accounting software for a small business to track their expenses, accounts receivables, accounts payable and from which to do billing and cash flow management.

    It easily integrates with the vast majority of on line banking and credit card websites for simple downloading of payment and transaction information. The online bill pay feature makes clearing up ones A/P simple. Creating and emailing multiple invoices makes billing clients again a quick and simple process that saves both time and money (no postage).

    The scheduling and memorized transactions function insures you never miss paying a bill or invoicing a customer. All this helps to insure a smooth and consistent cash flow through simple one click reports on what invoices are still outstanding and require additional action for collection, to having the information on hand to provide a vendor the details on a payment made when asked. Add to this the ability to take credit card payments directly within Quickbooks or when needed set up recurring credit card payments with customers who have monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payments. QiuckBooks is my Cash -flow generator.

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