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  • The Allure of Books - Very Impressed With This One...Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase gave me a surprise. I'd read a couple of Loretta's other books and was less than impressed. The synopsis of this one intrigued me, so I decided to give it a try. I ended up falling absolutely in love with it!

    Marcelline Noirot (or, as she is called through most of the book: Noirot) is the oldest of three sisters and a dressmaker. Her family has a checkered and scandalous past that she is determined to overcome - for her sisters and her daughter. When she hears that the most eligible of London's bachelors, the Duke of Clevedon, is finally coming home from his travels to marry, she knows she needs his future duchess as a customer so she can take her business to the next level. She goes so far as to chase him down in Paris to convince him that she is the dressmaker of choice for his bride.

    What she didn't foresee is the explosive chemistry immediately obvious between herself and the duke. As far as he is concerned, resistance is futile. As soon as he lays eyes on her nothing will do but to have her. She doesn't come easily though - their interactions are absolutely phenomenally written. Their characters are explored in-depth and we come to know them on a level rarely achieved in historical romance. The icing on the cake is when the story heads back to London and Noirot's daughter becomes a part of the story. If you don't absolutely melt at the way the duke handles her - you probably don't have a heart. I teared up more than once - incredibly adorable.

    Also rare in historical romance novels is a plot that isn't just a throwaway. Usually I'm impatient to read though the ridiculous nonsense to get to the character interaction. Not so in this story. The added drama of Clevedon's fiancée along with the treachery afoot in the dressmaker's studio are both extremely well thought out and interesting.

    Seriously y'all, this is a book that has it all! Definitely a must read for historical romance fans. Also highly recommended for those of you that, like myself, were less than impressed with some of the other Loretta Chase books you've read. Prepare to fall in love with this one!
  • H. Hjorth Harville - Just what I neededLove the convenience of not having to move my laptop from room to room. Although I use Microsoft Office on the laptop, and the tablet uses the Android OS, there are apps that are compatible with Word and Excel. Good battery life, screen brightness adjusts automatically. It's great for email and Facebook.
  • The Boss - The best topical acne system I have triedI used to have mild to the occasional severe breakouts. I tried just about everything from proactive to this crazy all apples and enema fast thing... DON'T DO IT!! You'll never look at apples the same! I even tried a powerful prescription medication that was later banned 😳😳!! Anyhow, it's no secret how to get clear skin, eat healthy, drink ALOT of water, and use a quality topical system like Exposed.