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  • tiger187126 - Great Lightweight Bag

    I got this bag last week and took it out to a little executive course to try it out. I only took 8 clubs, so I can't comment on on packing this thing with all 14, but if you're walking why would you?

    Anyway, it was extremely light and comfortable. I looked at a Taylormade that was along the same specs, but the straps on this one give it a clear edge. The bottle pocket is a little awkward, it kind of hits your backside while you're walking, but you can remove and replace a bottle while you're walking with little effort. I don't know how to reach into the scorecard pocket with it on my back though.

    storage space was sufficient and the outside tee holder and clip are nice so you don't have to put as much in your pockets. i don't use the ballmarker, but again it's a really nice little accessory to throw on there.

    all in all, if you're looking for an extremely light and comfortable bag to walk with this one is an excellent value for it's current price.

  • LMB - A must have for moms to be!

    Rather than blindly following the advice of doctors who assume I'm not intelligent enough to make personal choices, I now feel equipped to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery while eating sushi and drinking my morning coffee along the way! I picked up this book and read it in three days! I actually got it from the library but now feel the need to have my own personal copy so that I can refernce it:
    -if my doctor recommends bedrest
    -if my doctor recommends induction
    -if I want to check on what type of fish to eat
    -if I want to check if a medication is okay
    -when I write out our birthplan, etc.

    My husband and I were very entertained by the ridiculous research (or lack thereof) upon which many medical professionals base their recommendations! This book put me at such ease. A must have for moms to be!

  • Marii - Quick and Easy

    I purchased the download because my subscription had just expired. Entered the product key in the Norton web site and it took seconds to activate. Maybe it was so easy because it was a renewal and not the first time it was installed in my computer but I'm very happy it was as easy as the previous times.

  • LaDiva Shan - Better than Botox

    I was considering getting Botox after trying Meditate wipes for the last 2yrs. I got scared with the needles poking at my face and the swelling side effected scared me off. I suffer from hyperhydrosis on my face and it's unbearable and embarrassing in the summer. I cannot wear make-up, go to B-BQs, even when I go dancing its embarrassing how much I sweat on my face. Meditate wipes only last a day and leave a hard antiperspirant layer on my forehead and areas I place it. When I tried SweatBlock it was the best thing I've ever done. I applied it before bed, dabbing it on my hairline & a lil on my eye lids & under my eyes and top of my nose, it stung a lil and stunk like bug repellent. But I just kept it on. The next morning wash everything off and it worked-no sweat and applied my makeup no problem no side effects and lasted 5-7days! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!