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  • Violet - Worked For Me After All Else FailedIn 2008 my husband and I started on a fertility drug to get pregnant. I have severe PCOS. For two years we were going to doctor appointments twice a month and I never once ovulated. The doctors finally told me I would have to go to a fertility clinic. My husband and I decided we wanted to try a more natural alternative before going to the clinic. I started taking FertilAid and after taking it for 2 weeks, I ovulated. After taking it for 2 months, I was pregnant. I now have a happy healthy baby girl. I've recently started buying FertilAid for my sister who also has PCOS. She's only been taking it a few weeks, but her cycle is regulating, so hopefully I'll have a niece or nephew soon!
  • Melissa J. Barsness "Melsibub87" - Ladies! Trust me, it works!!!If you're skeptical, keep reading!

    I'm 23 years old, married, and ttc. I've always had irregular periods, excessive bleeding for long periods of time, and periods that went MIA for over a year or two. After years of period trouble, I went on the pill before I got married (big mistake, especially for someone with my menstrual history), went off a year later, didn't have a period for two months, then got one suddenly. After that period-nothing. Still no sign of a period six months later. I heard about Fertilaid and thought, for the price, it couldn't hurt either way. After less than two months of taking it (i'm about to start my third consecutive month of fertilaid), my period returned, my first ever NORMAL period. Only five days, as opposed to my 11 to 12 day, heavy, helter skelter few and far between periods I'd had in the past. This really works if you have a history of irregular cycles or periods. Try it. You'll be amazed! I was and still am!
  • Elizabeth Rhodes "elizabugg" - It really works!I've tried several at-home remedies to remove my skin tags and nothing has worked at all. I was about to give up and spend a fortune to have them removed at the Dermatologist but then I found Dermatend and thought I'd give it a shot since the reviews were all positive. I had 7 tags on my chest and 8 tags on my neck. Within 3 days of using Dermatend ALL 7 on my chest are gone and 2 from my neck are gone. The remaining 6 are on track and should be gone soon. The scabs are forming and they'll be falling off soon! There was absolutely no pain; there was a slight stinging while the product was on the tags but that's what lets you know that it's working. It wasn't even uncomfortable though. The tags fell off without any trouble or pain and what is left is a bit a redness but that was expected and will go away from what I've red. After my shower today it was already reduced in redness. I am so happy to have found a product that works and didn't involve a high cost or having to cut them off. Thumbs up! I recommend this product highly!
  • Maj0ra - Introducing Zen ModeSim City returns again with one of the most innovative features seen in gaming to date; Zen Mode!

    "We made a button to stare at" - EA's CEO John Riccitiello told the press in a conference earlier this evening.

    The learning curve is EXTREMELY steep for newcomers to the series and that is one potential flaw that could put off players. If I could offer advice to the new players it would be that you're going to want to LEFT click the "Play" button, that's how you know you're in Zen Mode. I've heard many players come up with different strategic elements such as "right click" but I don't think it works very well and the Zen Mode doesn't seem very responsive to this action.


    1. Left click the "Play" logo

    That's it! Gaming hasn't been this creative and fun since Angry Birds! Enjoy! Perfect game.