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  • Jim8120 - Great Source of Reference!The World Almanac And Book Of Facts is a great source of reference and information. It is updated every year, so it it is up to date on everything from World events, U.S., Science, and Sporting events. I reccomend it for work or school. The World Almanac And Book Of Facts is a GREAT TOOL!! The best reference and source of information book around! The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2012
  • Juniper "Juniper" - remarkable laptopexcellent performance for the price, very pleased with this purchase. Windows 8 and touchpad have tablet responsive features for scrolling or zooming in /out
  • Page Hudson - First Rate Service and Product SupportI have been a Quickbooks Pro and Quicken user for 2 decades. Right before my corporate taxes were due, my Quickbooks 2006 took a dive, and I couldn't get it to work even after a re-install. The folks at Quickbooks told me they no longer support Quickbooks 2006 and I would need to upgrade to a more recent version in order for them to give me any help. I found the best prices on Amazon, but read some really unflattering reviews about Quickbooks software and support. Skeptical, I took a leap of faith and ordered Quickbooks 2012. It arrived within a few days,I installed it, but my company files would still not open.

    I contacted Intuit support and their very friendly, English (with no accent) speaking technicians uploaded my data files, converted them into functioning files, and downloaded them back onto my computer. One of the files was on my local machine and had somehow corrupted, and I was unable to produce a working backup. The support team took the corrupted file, sent it up to their higher level support team, and the next day they sent me back a working file for that company.

    Don't believe some of the poor reviews that you read about this product. I run three companies on this very robust accounting software, and have never had any glitches until this recent problem. We dealt with several techs who answered my call within minutes, were able to fix the problems I had, and took a genuine interest in getting my accounts back to working again. My taxes were filed on time thanks to some caring people at Quickbooks support. Props to Intuit for giving small business owners good software and A+++ support.
  • Malory Benton - So easy for stright-forward wills.WillMaker Plus 2013 is a very user-friendly program. Installing was easy, though immediately after installation I did get an error box with a cryptic code "Error Deleting File Directory." The box stayed open for a couple seconds, then closed by itself. This does not seem to have impacted the successful installation of the program.

    The program asks permission to update from the web which took less than 30 seconds. The welcome and thank-you screen opens with the option of watching an introductory video. The video was only 3-1/2 minutes and well worth watching. The video explains that the will is the cornerstone of an estate plan, but other things that WillMaker can handle include a health care directive, power of attorney, final arrangements, and other forms like a list of passwords and accounts. (Remember that Kindle with your library is worthless without the password!) The program also can generate several other useful documents like promisory notes.

    When you actually start writing the will, the program tells you what you need up front, like the name and address of who will take care of your minor children.

    Stepping through the program is very easy. Many things are included, but they easy to skip over if not relevant to your personal situation, like care of pets. In fact, the entire step-by-step process of writing the will is ridiculously easy - much easier than the last version I used around ten years ago.

    PROBLEM: You Can't password protect the file, so anyone with access to the computer can read your will. You will need to save the file to an encrypted drive or flash drive stored in a safe place.
  • Mr. Garret J. Fitzgerald - Take your binder off to warThis binders are simple and durable, and as President I will send your boys off to Iran armed fully with a full set of colored binders, red, white and blue. Yea America...GO GO GO!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!!
    And the little women will be at home in their binders cooking dinner and waiting patiently for your return.
    And we'll make sure you have a $1.00 a day job waiting for you when you return.
    Vote Romney.