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  • K. Morris - Great speaker, and its airplay!I too was skeptical about this after reading the reviews. They are all over the place?! I think the set up frightened away those who hate tech; just follow the instructions. I have had flawless performance with a slow Internet averaging about ~2 Mbps. Sound feels the room with clean, clear sound with just the right amount do bass. I listen to a lot of guitar and it sound like their in the room with you. Its so nice to be able to use your iphone/ipad to pause and control volume! It's small footprint is just right. I don't know why the others have had trouble, but for me it's the cars meow. I was willing to give it a go as I got it at a nice discount. I recommend this product.
  • Stefanie C. Stromeyer - Samsung Galaxy TabI absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy. The price was very reasonable and it provides everything I need in the way of a tablet. I would definitly recommend the Galaxy Tab 2 for anyone looking for a first time tablet purchase.
  • cheryl1213 - a reader's readIt is hard to really explain this book, another one I read thanks to the lovely folks at Harper. It bounces from a small coastal town in Italy to Hollywood and from 1962 to the present day. The story opens with Pasquale, a young man trying to bring tourists to an inn that's located in a town that even most maps likely overlooked. He intersects with a young starlet who comes amid the tumultuous filming of Cleopatra, as well as a young writer trying to make sense of the world after his time in WWII. Other plotlines involve a crumbling legacy of a Hollywood director, a starlet who thinks she has been stricken with stomach cancer, and a former musician drawn in by the dream of returning to the stage. And, yes, since most other reviewers seem to mention it so I feel compelled to follow suit, Richard Burton has a role and there's also a glimpse of Elizabeth Taylor.

    The various plotlines, characters, and timeframes could have, in the hands of another writer, sparked confusion -- especially for someone like me who often struggles with the "who was that guy?" question during movies. However, Walter manages to make characters vivid enough to stick in the reader's memory. She paints beautiful images of place and very real, very fallible characters. Some are more likeable than other, but all stay in the reader's memory. It is not an easy read, nor a particularly quick one, but I think it is worth the effort. While I tend to read for characters, I think it also has enough plot for a reader looking for a more in-depth story. It is a lovely story, ultimately about what and whom we love.

    I'd likely give it 4.5 stars, just because I'm stingy, but I'll round up to 5. It is a book for readers and lovers of written words looking for a novel to fall deeply into and a journey that rewards the follower.
  • Alamo "Alamo" - Why did I order another of this planner earlier today?Very simply after a few decades of using all forms of calendar planners, I discovered this one and can't imagine going backward to Day Timers, Day Runners, Covey, Letts, etc. I have also used Moleskine's pocket size planners and journals (both black and red, both 12 and 18 month format) and their "large" planners and journals (black 12 and 18 month format.

    I'm no expert for all of this, just someone willing to share his relevant experience. My personal preference is either the 12 or 18 month layout depending on what I know about my next 12-18 month projects. The great thing is that you are buying a product that will last for much longer than 18 months so durability is not an issue. My next preference is pocket vs. large (pocket is perfect size for my uses and large at 10 1/2" when lying open is too much for desktop, portability, etc. To the contrary, the notebook/journal/diary is perfect in "large" but not the planner.

    My current demands require a large notebook (fantastic additional writing space), a pocket 18 month planner (weekdays on left, ruled notes on right) and a ruled pocket notebook/journal/diary to accompany the pocket planner for additional capacity when needed. Moleskine paper can't be beat (pleasant color, durable, handles fine nib fountain pens (personal favorite) and ballpoints and all varieties of penmanship. My pocket planners have become very relied upon...just have to remember where it is too often (glove compartment, coat pocket, patio, desktop, dog's mouth)! I have never second-guessed switching to Moleskine and giving gung-ho recommendations to anyone inquiring about mine. As usual, I wouldn't buy mine from anyone other than Amazon!