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  • Gabriel Rubin - A Jarring Novel

    I read this book in less than two days. It is a quick and jarring read. McCarthy creates a black ashen world where humans eat each other and where life is almost meaningless. The only thing keeping the main character going is the love of his son.

    It is a bit of an assault to read through 200+ pages of barren, ashen landscape and languid prose. Yet the final paragraph/epilogue put it all together for me and elevated this book into a remarkable commentary on those who say we are more important than the Earth or that we can live without our planet. George Monbiot's review is especially poignant for me. This truly is the ultimate eco-novel and I mean that in a completely non-political sense. There is nothing political about loving our planet. And the view McCarthy gives us of a world that we have rejected and that has in turn rejected us is the ultimate warning to appreciate our blessings.

  • Filipe Rodrigues - Essential

    I find this text essential for all and every medical student in its clinical placements!
    Easy to use, it only needs a few minutes of practice to get used to it.

  • Anthony Alaniz - Top Notch Resource

    Being a journalism student, this was a required book. It may be expensive in store, but online it is a steal. It offers thousands of publications in which to publish your work, offering information from the mainstream to the obscure. It also has resources for staring writers and query letter tips, the staple of starting as a freelancer.