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  • melony sexton - Loved the keyboard cover! The case cover was great as well..

    The keyboard cover fits the keyboard like a glove, and keeps dust and pet hair out. The outer cover fit well except for one snap on the bottom right but it does not affect how the rest of it fits. It keeps the computer clean and is thick enough to protect it against some bumps. Some reviews complained that you could not see the apple shining through the cover. I don't really care about this- I'm not that vain. Overall was a good product at a great price!

  • bruce desilets - A Gift To Our Son!!!!!

    Just another gift to help our son in medical school.. We hope he gets all he can out of this book!!

  • Libby W - Almost Perfect

    I have purchased five strollers for my baby girl and the Britax B-Agile is my favorite by far. Here are some of the reasons I love it.

    1. Easy to maneuver in tight spaces. I can easily stroll with just one hand. This is the main reason I purchased this stroller.
    2. Large canopy is perfect for sunny days. It comes down far enough to cover baby, but not so far that it blocks her view.
    3. The mesh window looks so much nicer than the vinyl on other strollers and I like that I can see and hear my baby more easily through it.
    4. Easy to fold with one hand, stands on its own, easy to lift into my SUV, and takes up the least amount of space of any of my strollers (Even less than the Graco Snap and Go)
    5. Unfolds easily by releasing one latch
    6. Easy to adjust the seat recline
    7. Easy to adjust the harness height without having to rethread the straps
    8. The zippered pocket on the back is handy when carrying small toys and blankets
    9. The braking system is nice and I have no problems using it, even when wearing flip flops.
    10. Smooth ride even on rough terrain. The large wheels and suspension make it easy to push in grass or over gravel.
    11. Decent sized basket even if it is hard to access from the back. I have found that I can put my large Vera Bradley diaper bag into the basket if I unbutton one of the basket buttons and put the bag in from the side.
    12. The five point harness is easy to buckle. I like that it is more difficult to unbuckle as I hope this will help prevent my daughter from escaping.
    13. I have never kicked the bar on the back between the wheels.

    I added the Diono Buggy Buddy to the stroller for use as a parent tray/ adult cup holder. It was definitely worth the $10 I paid for it and is way better than the accessories Britax makes for the B-Agile. If this type of console had come with the B-Agile and if the basket was a little larger and easier to access, this would be my perfect stroller. Neither of these were a deal breaker for me and I still absolutely love this stroller and would recommend it to others.

  • pets books coffee woman - Perfect for my needs

    I am VERY HAPPY with my mini-brewer! It has functioned well right from the first and suits me very well as I drink from 1-2 cups of coffee per day. When I have had one visitor and have made 2 cups in a row, it worked very well. I like the ease of putting the water from the size cup being used into the water chamber of the brewer - no worries about overflowing. (If I have several friends who all drink multiple cups of coffee I still use a larger drip coffee maker, for now). I have the black mini, but plan on purchasing the red minibrewer for a relative for a special event coming soon

  • M.armot - great game!

    this game is so awesome. the graphics aren't half bad and the gameplay is amazing. great time waster. only one glitches I have found is that when you double steal with two outs (guy on third and one on first or second), the run that crosses the plate actually counts when it should not in reality. that is the only glitch I have found so far. other than that, the game is awesome.