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  • Cautious Consumer - FANTASTIC PRODUCT, but STAY AWAY from myGearStore

    The SodaStream is a fantastic way of never running out of fizzy water, never having to carry heavy bottles back from the supermarket and never having to recycle endless plastic bottles. It is a simple device and therefore very easy to use and the CO2 cartridges are easy to acquire and replace. In our family of 4 which drinks about 25 litres a week, I suspect that we have now broken even after using it for 4 months and are now actually saving money. BUT, buy it from anywhere other than myGearStore! My experience with myGearStore is as follows: my order did not get fully completed and due to woefully inadequate customer services (mostly generic auto-responses that did not address my particular issue, despite their cutesy self-deluded self-description as "superhuman") it took one month, and over 20 emails, for the order to be filled, but I am still having a hard time finding out if the proper item was indeed sent. There are plenty of other outlets to get it from. Your experience with myGearStore might be different, but don't say you weren't warned!

  • J.M. Romero - Nothing else works for me.

    I spent a lot of time trying to get a certain look, which is hard to describe, out of digital art programs. I purchased Corel Painter 11, which has its uses (few, in my world), but I am NOT a computer techie, so many of the nuances of Painter made me want to scream. I still haven't made peace with that program; the term "buyer's remorse" keeps fighting its way to the front of my mind.
    Not so with Sketchbook Pro. After a couple of days of fooling around with it, and watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I managed to very easily dial right in. I haven't had as much FUN with art in years---almost like discovering a new set of superpowers! In the past, I would have to draw a picture with a brush on bristol board, scan it, then add color using Painter, which never looked "right" to me. Since Sketchbook is so intuitive and easy to manage, I can do pencil, inking and coloring very quickly, and all the art looks integrated, so close to traditional media that the differences aren't worth mentioning. Fantastic software. I recommend it highly, and it's inexpensive...a rather nice bonus.
    You really ought to have a Wacom-type tablet to wring the most out of this program, so get that, too.
    You'll be glad you did.

  • L. D. White - God or Holy Man

    Very well done. A neutral account of a Historical figure that has been created into a God. Whenever we think on the Romans or the Greeks and their mythology, think of this work and how Jesus (God or Man) has been mythologized.

    Thought provoking and well presented. Very highly recommended!