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  • D. Olson - Works really well!

    I am post menopausal and suffer from vaginal dryness, and with the heat of summer, vaginal ph really goes haywire. I like this gel so much and have been using it for more than 2 years. I am also allergic to everything, vaseline, mineral oil, lanolin, most fragrance's and of course propylene glycol which most companies use in everything. It is made from petroleum, yuk! However, all RepHresh products are excellent for women with allergies or chemical sensitivity.

    This gel does not coverup odor with fragrance, it gets rid of it, unlike all of the the big name products! Since I am still sexually active, I am confident of my vaginal freshness! The gel is thick so it does not run right back out.

  • Jay Bazzinotti - Call me Ishmael but this be darn good readin'

    Aye, ye can call me Ishmael, though me name be Jay. There be a time once't when I and me mates be doing the jakes over t' th' Grand Banks seeking the whale fishies, aye brave boys! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! It was a dark and stormy night when out of the fog came this bejesus Great White Ship! No chance t' run, no chance t' hide, it tracked us down and crushed our worthy crafty t' splinters, arrrgh! If not for the likes of mates like QeeQaq, I woulda drowneded for sure, drug to the deeps o' Davy Jones locker, laddie. As it was, I lost only a leg, me ship, me pride and me mind. Now ye must know that at sea there's only 2 things that matter - what a man can do, and what a man can't do. Since I c'n n' longer sail single handedly, I require a worthy crew of swarthy lads, hot for th' smell o' the sea and the feel o' th' salt spray as we hunt the Great White Huge Ship. Ye came to wrong ship for anarchy, brother! As God is my witness, I shall never be run down again! Not me nor any of my kin! Frankly, I don't give a damn about much else but findin' and sinkin' the Great White Ship! She lives now....only in me memory...Aye!

  • Karen Moreno - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

    I love anything Dyson so when I was shopping around for an electric broom I was thrilled when I saw that Dyson had one. I truly love this product. If I had to find one negative it would only be that you have to hold the power on the entire time you are using the broom. That can be a little tiresome but other than that this broom works GREAT. I have a dog and a few cats (I won't say how many) and it is a full time job taking care of my house and between my Dyson vacuum cleaner (the animal) and now the Dyson Slim my floors are virtually hairless!!!! Great job Dyson. It is lightweight and it reaches great underneath my bed and furniture that I used to have to get my broom or feather duster first to clean. i totally recommend this product!

  • anneh2os - Good Night's Sleep

    I was skeptical about this product but thought i would try it anyway. Amazon is wonderful about letting you return products that don't work for you. This Chillow has to be up there with sliced bread for one of the greatest inventions ever. It works! I have used if for a couple of months and it cools just as good now as the day I got it. I have yet to add water. My dog and cat both like to lay on it (I have it slipped inside my pillow) so I have to shoo them away from it at bedtime. Highly recommend this to anyone who suffers night sweats or just gets tired of turning your pillow to find a cool spot.

  • George - Good product

    It is not a perfect product but it is very efficient for a temporary solution. One of my teeth fell off and the dentist asked me 4.000 dollars for a new tooth with a bridge system. I don't have an insurance right now and no way to afford this procedure. In Europe I can make it for about 1.000 dollars or even less. So, until I will get back in Europe I decided to use this temp tooth. Definitely is not as functional as a regular tooth. It is just an esthetic remedy, not a functional one. Don't expect to eat on it, it is not strong enough for that. You just can hide pretty well that ugly hole in your mouth, and even if the color does not match the color of your natural teeth, still is much better than showing a black hole.